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Lancashire Dogs Help Find Earthquake Survivors In Turkey

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Two Lancashire Fire Search dogs traveled to Turkey with a rescue team to help find survivors of the devastating earthquake that hit parts of the country and Northern and Western Syria.

The brave Fire Search dogs, Sid and Davey, were part of the Lancashire rescue team sent to Turkey in early February.

In a Facebook post, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service acknowledged their four-pawed friends that “have done outstanding work alongside their handlers and helped to save many lives.”

Additionally, the post said that both Sid and Davey suffered a few scratches and irritated eyes from all the dust, but were taken care by the International Search and Rescue vet team.

According to BBC, Davey and handler Lindsay Sielski spent 10 days searching for victims. And each dog searched about 40 buildings a day.

Sielski said, “They don’t realize that they are doing life saving work and how they are protecting the rest of out team.”

The Lancashire Fire Search Dogs further explained how the dogs help in their effort to rescue earthquake survivors.

According to them, the dogs are fast, agile and can trace live human scent even through the smallest cracks in the rubble. In addition to this, they also help and protect the crew by searching through small or dangerous spaces that the human crew cannot go through.

The Lancashire Fire Search Dogs page further said, “By allowing the dogs to search the voids under the building collapses it means our technicians don’t have to put themselves in any further, unnecessary, danger.”

Currently, it appears that the four-legged heroes are taking a “well-earned rest” after joining the rescue team in Turkey.

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