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Dog Runs From Burning Home Right Into Firefighters Arms

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As wildfires rage across tens of thousands of acres of California land, homes are being evacuated and, in some tragic cases, dogs and other family pets are being left behind or separated from their families in the chaos.

One such dog sat, waiting for help, inside his Phelan, California home while flames quickly surrounded him. But, the moment he saw help arrive, he ran from the burning home and straight into the arms of Battalion Chief Mike Mohler with Cal Fire.

“Seeing that dog run out of those flames was pretty amazing,” Mohler told CBSLA. “It sheltered in place until it actually saw help, but it just wanted help. It needed to get out of that area.”

The dog was treated for minor burns, given food and water, and taken to an animal shelter until he can be reunited with his family.

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