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‘Dog Shaming’ Photo Leads to Animal Cruelty Charges

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Lisa Parker of Everett, Washington woman posted a ‘dog shaming’ photo to Facebook that showed her dog with a pee pad wrapped around his head. The caption read, “Successful dog shaming. Ludo thought it would be a good idea to wet the floor, five minutes after his goodnight potty run. He is finding out…not so bright! I sopped it up with a wet pad, before scrubbing it with oxyclean and vinegar. He is now wearing this creation.”


Parker also posted some additional housetraining tips that didn’t help in the case against her.

“Sh** in the house, get it stuffed in your mouth and taped shut. Yes, it’s a nasty job but…it works!”

Parker’s post immediately went viral, with dog lovers from around the globe demanding justice for the shamed dog and sparking an investigation by the Everett Animal Shelter. Now, Parker is facing animal cruelty charges for the incident.

“After reviewing the animal control officer’s report and interviewing witnesses, the City Prosecutor’s Office has decided to file charges of animal cruelty in this case. This is a misdemeanor crime with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine. The defendant will be summoned for a first appearance at the Everett Municipal Court in two weeks,” the shelter said.

Now, a petition urging officials to prosecute to the full extent of the law has already gotten thousands of signatures.




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