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Dog Shoots Man! (Yes, You Read That Right)

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A Frostproof, Florida man was driving his truck last weekend when a bullet from his 9mm Beretta semi-automatic handgun lying on the truck’s floor was fired into his leg. The shooter? The man’s best friend and loyal companion, Fido, an English Bulldog.

Does this look like the face of an attempted murderer?

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, the victim, told investigators at the Sebring Police Department that he thought the gun in his pickup truck was not loaded when his dog kicked it, causing it to fire. Lanier was shot one time in the left leg, but his injuries were not serious. However, according to a news report, police believe Lanier may be fabricating the story.

Police Commander Steve Carr said, “We didn’t spend a lot of time investigating it. There doesn’t appear to be any criminal act involved. You don’t have to be licensed in Florida to carry a handgun.”

No charges were filed against the black and tan English Bulldog.

Ironically, in the state of Florida, it is perfectly legal to own a gun without a license, but not to own a dog without one…

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1 Comment

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    Maybe the dog doesn’t like his owner.

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