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Dog Stolen from Texas Home 6-Years Ago Finally Found in Florida

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A San Antonio family drove nearly 20 hours to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to be reunited with the dog that was stolen from their home 6-years ago.

Debi Vazquez and her family had given up hope of ever cuddling with their beloved Chihuahua, King again after weeks, months, and years of searching for their beloved dog had turned up nothing.

King, then 9-years old, was stolen from the family’s San Antonio backyard in 2014. “We legit thought he was gone,” said Debi’s daughter, Danae. “I posted everywhere I could, all the animal shelters in San Antonio and surrounding areas,” Debi told WPLG.

For 6-years, King’s photo circulated social media, but the missing pup never turned up.

That was until Sunday when the family received a Facetime call from the Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—more than 1,300 miles away—where King had been surrendered. Thankfully, the Chihuahua had been microchipped and the family had kept their contact information current for all these years.

With no available flights, the family didn’t hesitate to hop in the car and drive almost 20-hours for the emotional reunion.

Now 15-years old, King is back in the arms of the family that never stopped thinking of him. And, while they’ll never know what he’s been through or how he ended up so far from home, they’re grateful to have him back.

The family are also encouraging everyone with pets to get their animals microchipped. Miracles do happen.

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