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Police Officer Apprehends Escaped Canine Prisoner

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A Roswell, Georgia police officer was dispatched after reports of three dogs running loose came into the department. When she arrived on scene, Officer Sanford successfully apprehended one of the escapees, Duke, a Golden Retriever, although he reportedly resisted arrest.

She immediately took Duke to a nearby veterinarian where it was determined that he, thankfully, was microchipped. After contacting Duke’s owner, she learned that Duke had been pressured by the neighbor’s dogs, who had also escaped their own yards, to take an unchaperoned stroll around the neighborhood.

The Roswell Police Department shared the news on Facebook:

Of course, Duke’s family were thankful to have their boy home. And, they loved Officer Sanford’s selfie so much, it’ll be their Christmas card photo this year!

Remember, escaped dog stories don’t always end in laughter. Thankfully Duke and his two friends were safely returned to their respective homes. But, had the escapee not been microchipped, this story could very well have had a different ending.

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