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Dog Walked 20 Miles to Return to the Family that Gave Her Up – Twice!

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When her family moved away and decided they could no longer keep her, 6-year old Great Pyrenees mix, Cathleen, set out – not once, but twice – to find them, walking 20 miles each time.

Dog Walked 20 Miles

An Oklahoma shelter is hoping they found the perfect family to heal one determined dog’s broken heart.

When a family moved to a new home in Seminole, Oklahoma, they, for reasons unknown, decided they could no longer keep their 6-year old Great Pyrenees mix, Cathleen. Someone living 20 miles away in Prague, Oklahoma agreed to provide her a temporary home while the Seminole Animal Shelter found her a forever family.

But Cathleen was determined to stay with the family she knew and loved, escaping her temporary digs and walking – on two separate occasions – 20 miles back to Seminole to find her former family.

Cathleen was found in Seminole and taken to the Seminole Animal Shelter where she could be safely contained until she was officially adopted.

When her heartbreaking story spread over social media, hundreds of applications poured in from around the country for the dog rescuers describe as “a love bug.” Dozens of others offered to help Cathleen’s former family financially in order for her to stay with the humans she very clearly loved and wanted to be with.

Ultimately, Cathleen was adopted to a loving family in Texas that can’t wait to love and spoil her for the rest of her life.

Dog Walked 20 Miles

Although Cathleen will get her happy ending, it’s heartbreaking to imagine how very much this sweet girl must have missed her family to walk 20 miles, twice, to return to them.

Remember, getting a dog is a lifelong commitment. If you wouldn’t move and leave your child behind, why would you move and leave your dog? If you’re unable to keep a dog due to financial hardship, there are hundreds of organizations that devote their time and energy to providing assistance necessary to keep dogs in their homes.

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