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Dognapper Snatched 11 Yorkies in a Connecticut Town Over a 2-Week Period

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Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut are on the hunt for a dognapper who’s snatched up 11 Yorkshire Terriers from 11 different families over a two-week period.

Dognapper Snatched 11 Yorkies In A Connecticut Town Over A 2 Week Period The Dogington Post

Bridgeport Police confirm that 11 purebred Yorkshire Terriers have been reported stolen from different families throughout the Connecticut city over the last two weeks.

Because all 11 dogs were young, un-spayed female Yorkies, police suspect the dognapper(s) is snatching the animals to use for illegal dog breeding and sales.

“I think someone is watching people with Yorkies,” City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron told WABC. “It’s an unfortunate thing. They are all females, and there’s not one male that’s been taken. So obviously, this is a breeder.”

“Our officers are out there pounding the pavement right now,” Bridgeport police Chief A.J. Perez said. Police are looking for surveillance video footage taken in the areas where dogs were taken and talking to people in those neighborhoods, in hopes that someone witnessed something and steps forward with information.

Perez also ordered ordered the city’s four Animal Control officers to check with veterinarians and pet stores for possible leads.

At this time, police have zero leads. City officials say whoever took the animals can return them with no questions asked.

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