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Dog’s Face After Realizing She’s Been Left at the Shelter Will Break Your Heart

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The look of pure sadness on one dog’s face after realizing she’s been left at the shelter is a painful reminder of the loss thousands of abandoned dogs face every year.

Dog'S Face After Realizing She'S Been Left At The Shelter

Four year old Pit Bull mix, Electra, was surrendered to the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, on May 17, where she was placed for adoption.

Not long after arriving, like so many others that enter the shelter alongside their owners, standing proud and tall, not knowing what confusion and sadness lies ahead, Electra realized she no longer had a family of her own.

Animal advocate, Lolys Menchaka posted a heartbreaking photo of the moment the sweet girl realized no one was coming back for her to Facebook where it quickly went viral.


Thanks to Menchaka’s photo, however, Electra’s sadness would soon be over. She has since been adopted to what we all hope will be a loving forever home.

Still, Electra’s image serves as a reminder to pet owners that dogs are family, capable of feeling love, joy, pain, and sadness. And, to anyone looking to add to their family, to begin their search at a shelter where millions of dogs, just like Electra, are just looking for someone to return the love.

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