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Protecting Dogs in Hot Cars: What is YOUR State’s Law?

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Is it against the law to leave a dog unattended in a hot car?

Are you sure about that?

Although animal cruelty, neglect, endangerment, and abuse in a variety of forms are illegal in all 50 states in varying degrees that can earn the offender a simple citation all the way up to a felony charge, only 28 of those states have laws on the books specifically prohibit leaving an animal locked inside a hot car. (On the bright side, that’s up from only 16 states in 2015!)

Hot Cars

While 28 states have enacted laws that specifically prohibit leaving dogs in hot cars, most prohibit good Samaritans from taking measures to free a trapped dog. Only 11 states have granted legal right to citizens to use any means necessary (yes, that includes smashing a window) to save a distressed dog.

Those 11 states are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Interestingly, while Indiana allows citizens to rescue dying dogs from hot cars, they are the only state that requires the person rescuing the dog to pay the vehicle owner or lessee an amount equal to half of the cost of damages incurred by the forced entry. (i.e.: half the cost of replacing a broken window)

What about those other states?

Although the remaining 21 states may not have laws that specifically make it illegal to leave a dog (or other animal) unattended in a vehicle, all 50 states have laws in place to protect animals from abuse, neglect, and cruelty.

It can be argued that a dog left unattended in a parked car, without protection from extreme heat (or cold), that is suffering or showing signs of distress, is the victim of cruelty.

In other words, even though a dog owner may reside in one of the 21 states without specific laws to protect dogs in hot cars, they can be (and very often are) charged with animal cruelty for doing so.

Additionally, although state laws may not specifically address dogs trapped in hot cars, many county and municipal laws do address the issue. Check with your own city and county to be sure of the exact laws in your area.

So what is a concerned animal lover that spots a dog suffering inside a hot car supposed to do?


Currently, there are 11 states that grant legal permission to concerned citizens to break and enter a vehicle to save a distressed animal.

If you see a dog in a parked car, no matter which state or what that state’s laws provide for:

1. Make every reasonable effort possible to locate the dog’s owner.

2. Call local police and animal control and report the incident.

3. Remain with the dog until help arrives.

4. If the dog is in imminent danger and help has not yet arrived, you’ll have to use your own judgement, considering the possible legal ramifications of breaking and entering to save the dog.

Many of us would happily face criminal charges, fines, and possible jail time if it meant saving the life of a dog.

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  1. Avatar Of Janice



    That is so sad and makes me so angry coming from a policeman that makes it harder to accept he should be setting a example

  2. Avatar Of Nicole K

    Nicole K


    Connecticut state law passed 2018 that legally protects a good Samaritan who breaks a window to rescue an animal or child who was left in a car during extreme weather conditions. Finally, a good thing from CT-not much of that anymore.

  3. Avatar Of Nicole K

    Nicole K


    Connecticut state law passed last in 2018 that legally protects a good Samaritan who breaks a window to rescue an animal or child who was left in a car during extreme weather conditions. Not much good happens in CT anymore, but this is one to be happy about!

  4. Good article & an excellent way to articulate. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

  5. […] following states have laws that grant immunity to civilians who break into a hot car when a dog’s safety is at risk: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, […]

  6. Avatar Of Sally



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  7. Avatar Of Susan Fierley

    Susan Fierley


    First of all it needs to be legalized in all 50 states to break a window to rescue a dog or dogs from hot or cold vehicles. And if a person breaks a window to help the animal they shouldn’t have to pay anything. The ignorant person who left the animal in the car in the first place needs to pay for their own window. That’s just as bad as leaving your child in a hot or cold car. People need to wake the hell up. Just like these idiots who walk their dog on hot pavement.. You walk on it in bare feet and then see how it feels on your feet.

    • Avatar Of Ed S

      Ed s


      Define distress and define the hot or cold. There is too much hypersensitive out there so allowing a citizen to use their discretion is a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile go pretend that you care about animals and go home and have your big steak.

      • Avatar Of S.k.



        Totally agree. I had some dumb woman in Peru, Indiana call the cops on us because I left my dog in the car to go in McDonald’s to get food. I left the windows rolled down at least 4” on all four windows and we were only inside maybe a total of 20 minutes. My dog has weird breathing and litterly barks at everything.

        People need to mind their own business!!!

        • Avatar Of Jgr



          Same thing happened to me but I leave the windows half way down for my lab who wants to go everywhere with me. Some goofball called animal control while my daughter and I were shopping for 25 minutes. The hardass Animal Control guy gave me a $100 ticket even after seeing my dog was PERFECTLY fine. I told him I’ll see you in court! He then came to my home 1 hr later and tore the ticket up in front of me. LOL, he knew he would have been destroyed in court! My dog wasn’t even panting!!

          • Avatar Of Arthur Mathias

            Arthur Mathias


            Question? Is it even worth the effort to fight it?
            I ask because just today, I received a ticket for almost identical circumstances. It was 6:50 pm when I arrived at WallyWorld. The temp was, according to the officer who recorded the heat index at time of call, 95. I parked close to a car that I remembered with a security guard driving right by me to get to that car (important for later). I was visibly rolling my windows down as we made I contact. It was very passive as it was merely eye contact with no thoughts associated with it.
            Something else I will quickly point out, all the times I am given are their recorded times. So, it was now 7:15 and I am checking out when I hear “the owner of XYZ, please return to your vehicle!”
            Are you freaken kidding me? What little snowflake is at arms about my dog? Guilty, it was the first thing that came to mind. As I get closer, I see a police car by my vehicle. The second thing I think is, wow, this has really gotten out of control.
            As I turn from a vehicle that was blocking my view of mine, I see 3 men (1 police officer, 2 security guards) all standing at the door of my vehicle petting on my dog.
            A little conjuncture here. I have a dog breed that is very tolerant to extreme temp differences. I have a dog that on a hundred degree day will search out a sunny, non-shaded spot to lay down and take a nap. I have a dog that is 6th generation southerner. I have a dog that has been alive through 13 years of these summers. Never has the safety of my dog been questioned by me or the number of people that she hangs out with everyday. Yes, she is the unofficial warehouse dog for the last 13 years.
            Now, they are able to pet her because a. she is a friendly dog and b. the windows are down below half way. I don’t worry about her jumping out but I do leave enough up to tickle her shin to passively remind her to not do anything stupid. With that being said, she is standing on the window seal with her head and upper body outside the door as they playfully scratch her neck.
            It is now 7:20 when we start dialog. The officer listed off all the things that I was in violation of, like; at what temperature is it no longer safe? or, What more than having my windows down could I do to remain legal? Is it 90F, 85F, or how about 50F? He couldn’t answer the temperature question. The answer he gave about the window question was “nothing”. There was nothing that I could passively do to remain legal. In his attitude, having all the doors wide open would still not satisfy his desire to at least write me a ticket.
            Cop walks to his car to run all my info. Myself and the two guards began talking. The one guard that did most of the talking was the same that drove in front of me earlier. Now realizing that he was the one who made the call, I tried to build a feeling of misunderstanding with he. I described the color of the car letting him know that I was fully aware of my surroundings. He then confirms that it was his wife and that she brought him lunch at 6:50. He then agreed that we were both keenly aware of our surroundings, including the fact that he saw my dog at.
            I then asked him, if he saw everything and knew that he would have a problem with it, why didn’t he just nip it in the bud and let me know that I couldn’t do it. He said that he wasn’t worried about it until 20 minutes had passed and I still had not returned. Conjuncture; I think he was fine with it but his wife may have said something to him leaving him no choice but to place a call.
            The other guard started talking about 3 dogs in the last 2 weeks that have died by being trapped in the car there. After my obvious questions the answers were; all dogs that were of moderate tolerance to high temperatures, No windows lowered more than 2 inches, and the times ranged from mid to late afternoon.
            Now keep in mind that I am still not finished with the cop doing his thing at the car, but both guards announced that the cop could finish up and they were going to get back on patrol. As they turned to walk away, I apologized to them for the misunderstanding.
            I then looked at my phone, which also displays the current temp, to see the time and then spoke up one last time as they walked away. I said, “Ya wanna hear some irony? It is now 8:02, which means that we have been dealing with this for 45 minutes now. The heat index is only 2 degrees difference. And yet nobody seems to have a problem with the fact that my dogs condition has been unchanged. Not a one of the three asked for me to turn the air conditioner on or let her out. I start to believe that I am being harassed.
            8:07, cop returns for me to luckily sign a ticket. He explains what is written on the ticket telling me that he was siting me for inadequate ventilation. This when I asked again what would be adequate ventilation and he said to leave the car on with the A/C running or take dog with you or leave dog at home.
            He sent me on my way with my obviously non-distressed dog next to me.
            I know this is long and open for anyone to reply so please do. When I got home, I started doing research to find what the guidelines to the statutes were (how I ended up here). What I couldn’t find was a definitive answer on allowable/unallowable temps. It actually makes sense due to the large number of factors i.e. breeds, geographical climate. This, to me, spells out ‘judgement call’, and in this case, I say a bad one.
            Tomorrow morning, I will see how I can obtain security camera footage for the camera that was in the next isle over, pointed directly towards my drivers side. My defense would be that the almost a hour and a half video would show that by the actions of all parties involved, never once was there a display of genuine concern about the actual safety of my dog.
            Now, I ask again, if and however I can get the footage, would I have enough of a defense to fight the ticket?

        • Avatar Of Your Boss

          Your Boss


          You are retarded. If I see your dog in the car, I’m going to smash the window and take it… you will have lost your dog. Idiot. 4″ on a hot day is still f–ing hot. You are most certainly retarded and should be sterilized so you don’t have children.

          • Avatar Of Claire Todd

            Claire Todd


            In regard to being cited for leaving your dog in your car on a 95 degree day you say that video footage of the incident would show that, “…by the actions of all parties involved, never once was there a display of genuine concern about the actual safety of my dog.” And who would be most guilty of this? You! You’re the one who who left the dog in the car! If you don’t know or don’t care how dangerous this is you don’t deserve to have a dog. Instead of spending time mounting your legal defense why don’t you educate yourself about the issue. temperaturesensei.com/temperature-guidelines-dog-vehicles/

        • Avatar Of Sahar



          I had 2 millennials verbally attacking me and cursing me after my 10 minutes shopping from king soopers while I left my Dalmatian in the back of my truck with both sliding windows open and a bucket full of fresh water.weather today was forecast mid 70s. I had my home showing that time and had to take my dog with me!
          An older couple were just passing and heard the argument and so without a delay called the police. I tried to get in the car but they forced me to stop and wait for the cops to arrive. I’m still wondering if they really cared for the dog to get home faster or troubling me ? Seriously some people need to get a life and mind their own business! My dear dog is happy now that he survived these millennial attacks!

        • Avatar Of I Know You Are But What Am I?

          I know you are but what am I?


          YOU’RE A FUCK TARD. When the outside temperature is 70 degrees, a car can heat up to 89 degrees in just 10 minutes, and to 104 degrees in 30 minutes. At 80 degrees outside, you’re looking at 99 degrees inside a vehicle in 10 minutes and 114 in 30 minutes.

          Ignorant animal abusers like you are literally the problem. Go do some squats in a cactus field.

  8. Avatar Of Caden Dahl Caden Dahl says:

    With my dog, I would never leave them in the car as I know how hot it can get in there. I’ve seen a couple of news stories where people have broken a window to save a dog in a car where the owner has left them. As you mentioned, there are quite a few states that give you a legal right to do that and I do hope that the states that haven’t, soon change their mind.

    • Avatar Of Loretta Cogar

      Loretta Cogar


      I also never leave my dog in a very hot or cold vehicle. If it’s to hot (cold) I leave them at home, otherwise my sister & I travel together with them and one of us remains in the vehicle with them in hot weather. If we get to hot or notice them getting to hot we have the leashes & harness’ and take them out of the car. In cold weather since they are both short haired we just don’t take them period. But for us if that situation would happen I would be happy for someone to save my babies just leave a note with your name & number afterwards so I can contact you.

  9. Avatar Of Doug



    On 04Sept2018, I drove an hour with AC on 58 with my 50 lb dog in the floor. I went into McDonalds to pee and back at my car in less than 2 minutes. Some nut job is screaming at me to leave the windows down or leave the car on; either so he can steal my $2,000 dog or my $30,000 van (no thank you.). I asked him to stick his arm in the van and see that it is still cooler in the van than outside in the 86 deg weather and my dog was showing no signs of being hot. We then went to Steak and Shake where I waited in line in the hot beating sun for 10 minutes with the vehicle not running; me nor my dog got warm. We’ve gone on 5 hour hikes in the woods in this weather and he refuses to drink. Vet says he’ll drink when he is hot, don’t worry about it.
    BTW: I’m an expert at thermodynamics; I know exactly how long it will take to heat my vehicle.
    Moral of the story; just because a dog or child is locked up in a vehicle leave it alone unless it is showing signs of distress.

  10. Avatar Of Susan



    Do you ever wonder why certain odd things are against the law, but other things that should be against the law, aren’t? Not being able to break into a hot car to rescue a child or pet is one of the former. Allowing a perp to sue a person or business for injuries acquired in the commission of a crime is one of the latter. IMO, it is because our intensely self-centered lawmakers first consider how the law would affect THEM. Also, please keep in mind that to politicians, children and pets are property, and parents and owners can treat them how they please.

  11. Avatar Of Robert Robert says:

    Dogs are the most loyal friends I’ve ever seen, I love them so much but it’s so bad that in the country where I live, there are no rules to protect them. Hopefully the authorities will soon do this.

  12. Avatar Of Miguel



    Why is everyone on here arguing when at the end of the day we all want the same thing, to make sure the animal is safe?….. Yes, I understand that it would be upsetting to have your window broken when your dog is fine and I agree people should make sure the animal is in distress before resorting to it, but at least there are people out there worried enough about animals to want to help….

  13. Avatar Of Connie



    When I take my dog with me on a quick run to the post office or store etc, I use my remote start to start the car so the air/con or heater depending on season is on. Before I start my car, I put a note on the windshield, the driver and passenger side windows that the car is running, air (or heat is on) then I start the car.
    When I have done all this, I start my 'timer' on my cell phone, set to go off in 9 minutes because the car will automatically shut off in 10. Sometimes time just gets away from you and before you know it you may be in the store 15/20 minutes and think you've only been there 5 or so…
    I hate that I have to go to this extreme but I also don't want my windows broken (someone may not know my car is running, it's pretty quiet), and I would HATE for them to break my windows to my car and sure don't want a ticket.
    I guess what I'm saying is that it's worth taking those precautions for me. What does suck is when we take long trips, we can't leave him in the vehicle so we can go into a restaurant to eat because you have to check those state's laws that you're traveling through regarding leaving your dog unattended…

  14. Avatar Of Ellen



    Here's a thought……leave the animals at home.

    • Avatar Of Lauriel



      Here’s a thought Ellen,
      My dog does not eat while were gone! That’s cruelty! On several occasions he has gone more than 7 days without food. The kennels we’ve left him at try to coax him to eat, try to hand feed him, try special treats, cuddle with him, and eventually call us to come home early. He is a rescue dog that has special issues due to his before life with us. He loves travelling in the car, so now we bring him on vacation with us. We go to great lengths to make sure he stays safe. I have a car thermometer that I pay close attention to year round so that I’m aware of what the car feels like under ALL weather conditions, in all seasons.
      First off, I’d like to ask, since when is 90 degrees life threatening? We don’t have AC in our home; yes it’s hot, even uncomfortable, but not a killing temperature.
      Second, we park in the shade(whenever possible), leave all windows open just shy of him being able to squeeze his head through, have one window open with a dog screen, use window shade visors front, back and when necessary on the sun offending side. We sit in the restaurant where he is observable. He knows where we leave water in the cup holder for him.
      As far as cold goes, depending on the temperature, some heat packs warm the car to a comfortable 65-70 degrees. Someone outside can’t see them because I have them under blankets. He picks the desired “warm” seat. Again, he has water, and I check on him frequently. I was forced to do these 15-18 hour days when my husband spent a month in the hospital. Friends who lived half an hour away could only take care of him for the first week (our/their dogs did not get along). It’s cruel to make my dog hold his bathroom needs that many hours.
      I realize that a lot of owners aren’t as careful, but sometimes blanket laws and goodie-two-shoers don’t allow for situations in which the pet was never in any danger!

  15. Avatar Of Jw



    I would only break the window if the animal was actually in distress, and I would be thankful for someone who broke my window to save my dog if it is in distress. I love my dog just like my kids. However, unless my dog is actually in distress, if you break my window, you are going to have more of a problem than you want. Mind your own business and stay out of mine, when doing so is not required.

  16. Avatar Of Linda



    Three weeks ago I came across this problem in a supermarket Stop & Shop parking lot in Killingly ConnecticutI waited around for a few minutes went to get a coffee thru a drive thru on the other side of parking lot came back still no owner, waited again for about 5 minutes then called the state police they said I could leave but choose to stay around that took another 10 minutes, still no owner, the police finally came still no owner it was 84 degrees outside windows opened about 3 inches, large dog about 60-70 lbs. I finally left total time the dog was in car at that time was 45 minutes. Do not know what the end was as I had Dr. appointment to go to. As far as I’m concerned that person needs to have the same done to them .STUPID STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE ANIMALS…..

    • Avatar Of Jake



      That's nice of you but the windows were open .so what's the problem .you people should mind your own buisness

      • Avatar Of Cinthia



        Jake, you go sit in a car with the window cracked three inches when it's 84° for an hour or so and see how you feel. Remember though, that you can only cool off by panting

        • Avatar Of Steph



          Fell asleep in car during summer with windows not open. Woke up gasping for air when there was practically none left. I was luckly able to get the one door open in time. At least the dog had the car windows open lol

        • Avatar Of Robert



          Dogs aren’t human’s. There’s people living on America street hungry and Homeless and law is concerned about F Dogs

      • Avatar Of Tw



        JJake you’re an inconsiderate idiot…maybe someone should lock you in a hot car and forget about you.Jerk!

  17. Avatar Of Emily



    What pure ignorance I’ve seen on this thread… Dear Lord.
    If the air conditioner is on, your dog is fine. Period. End of story. The one lady’s story of the police dog dying even though the air was on, THAT WAS A CAR PROBLEM. A faulty air conditioner or malfunction was not anyone’s fault and simply a tragic ACCIDENT.
    I also say if my windows are all down halfway and I’m parked in the shade my dogs are perfectly fine.
    I have 3 dogs and their ages are 8, 9, and 3. I’ve had them all since birth. So I definitely know what I’m talking about here.
    Lastly, I would love to see someone stick there hand in the window of my vehicle – or break my window – in an attempt to ” save my dogs. Truly I would. Because they’ll soon find out how very far from death they really are and would be INCREDIBLY lucky to walk away with their hand if they reached in. If they broke the window, though? I can guarantee the possibility of them even walking away at all is slim. They would be torn limb from limb because my dogs are trained to protect me, my family, and our property which definitely includes the car lol.
    So before you decide to be an ignorant ass vigilante wanna-be, stop, and think about it. Panting does not mean a dog is dying. They also pant when excited, nervous, or just randomly! But even if it is due to being hot, if panting is all they’re doing? It’s not a crisis situation people. You would know, without a doubt, if a dog were suffering from heat exhaustion! Sadly I saw my pet bunny go through it when I was 7, when my mom forgot he was in his outside play pen for an hour. I’ll never forget what those symptoms looked like, it was scarring, and would be even now as an adult if I were to witness another animal go through what Thumper did. (original, I know. lol)
    All I’m saying is, people need to calm the fuck down. Quit treating a dog in a car during the summer as if the sky were falling. If the windows are down, walk away. If the air is on, walk away. If you think there’s something you just HAVE to say, wait for the owner by their car and talk to them with respect like a normal human being. They are not Satan because their idea of protecting and caring for their best friend doesn’t meet your own personal expectations.
    I’m all for getting involved, BUT, only in an actual emergency! Which like I said, even a child can tell the difference between emergency symptoms of heat exhaustion and a dog simply fucking panting. – drops mic – lol

    • Avatar Of Jw



      Exactly the way I feel. I had an occurrence where my wife and I went into Walmart. It was cloudy when we left the car, so we ran all four windows down a couple inches. When we came back and had just finished putting our groceries in the car, an animal control officer drove up and got out. I greeted him with a howdy, and he proceeded to tell me someone called 911 about me leaving my dog in the car and exposing it to possible distress. I opened the door and asked him if she looked like she was in distress. He advised me that had I not been at the car when he drove up, he would have broken my window, whether my dog was in distress or not. I thanked him for his advice and offered to shake his hand which he icily refused. Those are the kind of overbearing officers who cause violence against police. I noticed a young lady nearby watching and told my wife, there's the one who unnecessarily imposed upon our rights by calling 911 in a non-threatening situation. I also checked and the state does not have a law about leaving animals in your car without the car running.

    • Avatar Of Jake



      That's nice of you but the windows were open .so what's the problem .you people should mind your own buisness

  18. Avatar Of Marjoree marjoree says:

    Where is my post? I posted and lost it? Now I’ve lost my momentum! When you can see the dog in distress, break the damn Windows!! And to you, dog owner, LEAVE IT HOME!!! You know better than that!!!

  19. Avatar Of Charles Hannigan

    Charles Hannigan


    Maybe if you’re so concerned for the animal you could wait ten to twenty minutes, depending on the conditions, for the owner to return.
    I was just confronted by two strangers in a supermarket parking lot after leaving my dog alone for ten minutes. One lectured me that
    “the law says she can break my windows.” If you want to go vigilante, understand that the law pertains to “animals in distress.” You break my windows without cause you’ll be seeing police, a courtroom, and insurance claims. Last month I told a police detail officer that I was leaving my dog alone for fifteen minutes and was concerned that some citizen might break my windows to “rescue” her. He assured me that that citizen would be arrested.

    • Avatar Of Annie



      I understand some states its illegal to break a window, even though a citizen is saving an animals life, which in my opinion is more valuable then a stupid window. Your going to run into someone who does not give a shit and break your window. Why not just leave your dog at home if your going to do errands that you can’t take him with you. Why run the risk of getting distracted inside the store and having your poor dog wait for your sorry ass in the car. Just a thought.

      • Avatar Of Steph



        My dog has seperation anxiety, believe or not. He doesnt eat or drink when i leave him home 🙁 i prefer to have him with me cause he ends up wrecking our house when i leave. He is improving but still cant fully trust him alone at the house

      • Avatar Of Vk



        How can you tell if a dog left in the car is in (weather related) distress ? My dog starts freaking out and barking in the car as soon as he loses the sight of me…. no matter if it is 35 degrees or 80. Some people should mind their own business instead of calling cops on me. When he is left in the house, he doesnt eat or drink, and barks nonstop according to the neighbors. I even have to take him to work with me bc he would go nuts in the house…. so not sure what’s better here..

        • Avatar Of Linda Smith

          Linda Smith


          Might I suggest a solution? My schnauzer had seperation anxiety too and one neighbor in my senior apartment building hated dogs-so she would run and claim he was barking and howling every time I even walked to the drug store. If her granddaughter was visiting, she would have the girl shove things under my door to get him started, knock on the door, ect. It got to the point that I couldn’t leave for more than 10 minutes without taking him with me or faced eviction. Her loud, obnxoious grandkids could run wild, of course. I would end up boarding him just to go to the grocery store ($10.00) for one hour. Eventually, several tenants witnessed what was going on, told me and agreed to go to the manager with the situation. That stopped the threats, but not the child from repeating the same behavior and the other tenant from complaining and trying other tactics. I moved ASAP. Have a small house out in the country next to my landlord and we get along just fine.

      • Avatar Of Jake



        That’s nice of you but the windows were open .so what’s the problem .you people should mind your own buisness

  20. Avatar Of Mr. Myxpyx

    Mr. Myxpyx


    You’re all insane. I picked up a pizza today. I brought my dog along for the ride. I literally walked in, paid for it, took it out to my car. 1.5 minutes tops. A guy who had pulled up just as I was getting out of my car was frantically taking photos of my car license plate, threatening to call 911, and cussing me up and down. He saw me walk in to get my pizza. Funny thing is, it’s not illegal in my State, but it is illegal to swear in public. I would never leave a dog for more than a couple minutes, but what I do with my dog is my business, not yours.

  21. Avatar Of V Ward

    V Ward


    I love my dogs and would love to take them with me everywhere I go BUT that’s not possible. So, instead I show my love by keeping them safe at home.
    If I come across a dog or child in a hot car, I would not hesitate to break a window! I am EMS & I know that is a horrible way to die.

  22. Avatar Of Kate



    I just encountered a situation today in which I saw 2 dogs left in a car in a Shop Rite parking lot. The window was slightly cracked open and the air conditioner was running. However, even though the air was on in the car, it was still way too hot today to leave a dog in the car at all!!!

    This occurred in Lincoln Park, New Jersey (Northern NJ). It was 92 degrees out. At this temperature, not even a Hyundai Elantra’s air conditioning unit can keep the car cool enough to be suitable for a dog (This was the type of car that the 2 dogs were left in).

    Dogs don’t sweat the same way that humans do. They can only pant and sweat out via their paws. This means that they cannot regulate their body temperature as well as humans can. Also, cars don’t circulate cool air the same way that regular air conditioners do in a home/ building or an RV, therefore they aren’t as effective, especially when the car isn’t moving. Try sitting in your parked car for 10 minutes with temperatures reaching 92 degrees and see if you still feel ok afterwards. This car wasn’t even in the shade, not like that’s going to help much.

    A group of people gathered around, including myself and we all felt that the dog shouldn’t be left in the car, even with the air on. I called the police but they were no help. The Lincoln Park police dispatcher actually took the driver’s side. She said that it is ok to leave dogs in the car and it isn’t illegal. In fact, she encourages people who come to AA meetings in the town of Lincoln Park, NJ to leave their dog in the confined space of a car with the air on for the entire meeting. This is what a Texas police officer did in 2003 with his German Shepard. That police dog died due to the air not being able to properly circulate in the car. This is just one example of how car air conditioners don’t save animal’s lives.

    Lincoln Park police in NJ should be ashamed for encouraging this form of animal abuse!!!

    You never know what could happen when you are not in the car with your beloved companion so just please don’t leave them in the car unattended at all!

    • Avatar Of Valerie



      So would you freak out if an adult is sitting in the car in that weather with the air conditioner on? If the air conditioner is on it may take time to cool the car down but once it had been running it can cool the car down. Stop trying to be some type of hero when it is not necessary. Here is an idea of you want to be a hero help the dogs that are being abused, starved, or used for fighting on a daily basis. They may need your help a little more. Thone dogs sounded like they had caring owners and you are getting worked up.

    • Avatar Of Jan



      I drive my car in the hot sun on days when it's 98 degrees, and my air is on, and I'm actually cold enough to turn it halfway to warmer after the car cools down from sitting. Air conditioning is there for a reason … I'd be more concerned that the car was on and the keys were in it, unless the park brake was on and it was on a level and the doors were all locked, maybe

  23. Avatar Of Leslie



    It is now legal to break into said vehicles in Tennessee. It just went into effect on July 1st!

  24. Avatar Of Beth Vanschaick

    Beth VanSchaick


    Isn’t this crazy? Most of these states that do, only have that kind of weather 3 or 4 months out of the year! Do the southern states just not care about their dogs?!?

  25. Avatar Of Tracy Tracy says:

    Fines or not if I saw a dog or a child suffering in a hot car I would do what ever I could to get to them, if smashing their window so be it! Doing a selfless act to save a life should not be punished. It should be legalized that concerned citizens be allowed to smash the window if dog or child is in distress.

    • Avatar Of Vk



      How can you tell if a dog is in (weather realted) distress in the car? My dog starts freaking out and barking in the car as soon as he loses the sight of me…. no matter if it is 35 degrees or 80. Some people should mind their own business instead of calling cops on me. When I leave him at home, he doesnt eat, he doesnt drink and he barks nonstop according to the neighbors… I even have to take him to work with me…. So not sure what’s better here…

      • Avatar Of Dusty



        Here’s the thing VK. You can’t always tell if a dog is in distress. But dogs can’t handle the heat as well as adult people. Their brains start to fry when it gets too hot. Cars get hot quickly. A person seeing your dogs alone in your parked car doesn’t know how long you have been gone or when you’re coming back. Your dogs can’t afford for that person to mind his own business. So if you care about your dogs leave them at home or be sure they are not left in your car for more than a few minutes. Don’t be so defensive. You know what’s best for your dogs. Or do you?

  26. Avatar Of Linda



    YES, it should be legal to break window for animal/child in a hot car people should know better and just don’t care. Wonder how they would like it if done to them?

  27. Avatar Of Shelly Seaman

    Shelly Seaman


    I would smash the window in make sure the animal was ok wait for the owner and tell the person I smashed there window in and they can pay for it to be fixed because if they didn’t leaver their animal in there I wouldn’t have had to smash it in the first place and then take a pic of them and the animal and blaster it all over social media and make sure they never own an animal again. I have a dog and so does my boss we take them for car rides walks but if we won’t be in the car we leave them at home where they are safe. So love your animal and leave them at home where they are safe.

  28. Break that window in a second to save ANY living being. Then tell the owner “Pay for the window OR be advertised all over town as an animal/child abuser. Which is it? I’ll call the cops and the media here and now
    and let the chips fall where they may.

  29. Avatar Of Patti patti says:

    I would break in for an animal or child no matter what!

  30. Avatar Of Patti



    Hell yes but I would not need permission animal or child. I WOULD BREAK IN!!!

  31. Avatar Of Nancy Gee

    Nancy Gee


    Really!! Can’t help an animal in distress, can easily die in the time it takes for their “Owner” to get back..are you KIDDING ME!! I called and the police did nothing!! Animal Control..would have taken hours to respond…I understand making it ok would cause to many “heros” being to quick to break windows but something HAS TO BE DONE!

  32. Avatar Of Kimberly Wilson

    Kimberly Wilson


    I am against any form of animal abuse. Leaving a dog or cat in any vehicle should be against the law in every state. The fact that law enforcement is not even allowed to rescue an animal that is in imminent danger is absurd! I would not think twice about saving an animal in need. I don’t care what the law states. As it was stated, ANY life is precious.

  33. If you are stupid enough to leave your child or pet in the car, I’m not stupid on how to break a window with a spark plug. The white part of the spark plug will break the window easier then a hammer.

  34. Avatar Of Stacy



    I carry an emergency hammer designed to break glass in an emergency. Law or no law, life is precious.

  35. Avatar Of Kay Severtson

    Kay Severtson



  36. Avatar Of Jacqueline



    I would break the window too and I would tell them I would pay for their window if I have to go to jail I will

  37. Avatar Of Anne



    So would I, and take my lumps for it.

  38. Avatar Of Joann Hanson

    joann hanson


    i think there should be a law if you see a dog in a car, call animal control and the police once you have done that if the animal looks like it is in distress you should be able to break the window and wait for animal control and the police..

  39. Avatar Of Kirsten E Langer

    Kirsten E Langer


    I would break a vehicle window if there was a child or animal in it.

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