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10 Dogs that Don’t Shed

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Dogs That Don'T Shed
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Sadly, a lot of people who wish to own a dog are hypersensitive to canine allergens. Fortunately, there are numerous hypo-allergenic dog breeds that tend to shed little to no hair, causing far fewer allergic reactions.

Top Non-shedding Breeds

Here are 10 dogs that don’t shed and are perfect for those who have pet allergy.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Little Yorkshire Terrier Posing On Grass
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Yorkies are small dogs that are generally sociable and outgoing. They are alert and they make reliable watchdogs. The breed often sports a long elegant coat that, although may require constant brushing and grooming, tends to shed very little.

2. Dachshund

This breed has three types of coats: short-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired. While long-haired dachshunds are minimal shedders that usually require regular grooming, the wire-haired and short-haired types do not shed as much. The breed loves people, is intelligent, and can make a good watchdog.

3. Poodle

Adorable Toy Poodle Puppy In Arms Of Its Loving Owner
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Because of the breed’s distinctively shiny dense coat that hardly ever sheds, Poodles are also ideal for allergic owners.  Their curly or corded heavy coat, however, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Poodles are loving, affectionate, and alert which makes them excellent watchdogs as well.

4. Shih Tzu

Although this small dog has a long glossy coat, Shih Tzus are usually regarded as a non-shedding breed. They, nevertheless, require daily brushing and grooming. The breed is highly energetic, and can make an excellent watchdog.

5. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Lying On The Grass
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This double-coated breed dons a wiry overcoat and a soft undercoat that rarely shed. Miniature Schnauzers require regular grooming, and because they tend to be very affectionate, the breed makes a wonderful household companion.

6. Boston Terrier

The breed sports a smooth, short coat that can be groomed easily. Boston Terriers are minimal shedders, and because they are generally quiet, they are good for apartment-dwellers. The breed loves people, but can be rather rambunctious at times.

7. Maltese

Maltese In The Apartment
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Maltese dogs have very long silky coats that shed little to no hair. They need to be brushed and groomed regularly which can become costly and time-consuming. However, Maltese are very intelligent, fearless, and highly excitable.

8. Havanese

This double-coated breed sports a shiny wavy coat that does not shed. They usually require daily grooming, and because Havanese dogs have a strong need to interact with people, they always yearn for human company. They are highly intelligent, friendly, and capable of bonding well with children.

9. West Highland Terrier

West Highland White Terrier In A Summer Meadow
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Westies are a double-coated breed that shed very little hair. While their straight overcoat is smooth and weather-resistant, their undercoat is short and soft. To prevent matting, their dense coat needs to be brushed every day. West Highland Terriers are highly energetic and can make good hunting companion dogs.

10. Bichon Frise

The breed has dense wavy hair that does not shed. Their thick fluffy coat requires daily brushing and regular grooming. Bichon Frise dogs are generally friendly, affectionate, and capable of relating with other household pets.

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  1. Avatar Of Norb



    We have a 3 1/2 year old Havanese. He absolutely does not shed! In fact it almost impossible to pull hair out of him. The down side is that he needs frequent combing to prevent matting and grooming and trimming is necessary every five to six weeks. The Havanese hair is very fine, soft and silky. We had a Bichon previously who didn’t shed very much, but the Havanese beats all dogs when it comes to hypo allergenic characteristics!

  2. Avatar Of Jill



    Irish Terriers don’t shed. They are also a bit bigger than most dog listed here. Most Irish Terriers are approximately 30-40 pounds. They are the best natured and intelligent dogs. Check it out, They are great!

  3. Avatar Of Toni King

    Toni King


    Afghan Hounds are considered a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic breed. They do require considerable brushing to maintain a healthy coat. If allowed to get matted, they will molt and “shed” clumps of hair as opposed to individual hairs. And puppies will drop their puppy coats anywhere from 12 mths – 18 mths. old during which time daily brushing is highly recommended. But a healthy adult will shed very little and does not have a doggy odor.

  4. Avatar Of Karen Agee Karen Agee says:

    Where or where is the Cockapoo. We have a 13 year-old and she does not shed. The smartest dog we have owned and that has been a lot.

    Also, the cockapoo is the first “designer dog.”

  5. Avatar Of Maria



    I have 2 Havanese. They are both females. I have allergies and was never able to tolerate any dog as a pet. I have not had any problems with this breed. They do not shed. I keep them groomed regularly, about every 5 weeks. They love children, as my 2 youngest grandchildren, 7 & 9 live with me and they just love each other.

  6. Avatar Of Tkeep123



    I can only assume that someone need to get one more article in to win that trip to Biloxi because this one is nearly a waste of time…

    NO mentione of the Chinese Crested? (or other nearly hairless breeds?)

    Try to find a do that sheds LESS than one with NO HAIR.


  7. Avatar Of Noah



    DID ANYONE READ THE DESCRIPTION UNDER THE TITLE? It said “Sadly, a lot of people who wish to own a dog are hypersensitive to canine allergens. Fortunately, there are numerous hypo-allergenic dog breeds that tend to shed little to no hair, causing far fewer allergic reactions.” The author understands that they do shed a bit. And the author is also right about them being hypo-allergenic.

  8. Avatar Of Diane



    Where is the Scottish Terrier????

  9. Avatar Of Constance



    Doesn’t anyone know about Bouvier des Flanders? ‘Related’ to poodles & water dogs…they don’t shed, per say, but fluffy ‘dust bunnies’ in the corners and under furniture…but not that bristly fur shedding. No dander, hair not fur.

  10. Avatar Of Sharon



    Where is the Lhasa Apso? Mine doesn’t shed, which is great, because I have an Aussie who sheds enough for 3 dogs.

  11. Avatar Of Sue



    I have a Coton De Tulear and she does not shed she does have to be groomed as most dogs with hair have to be..I have her hair cut short to prevent matting but matting is not shedding..she has very fine hair that mats easily if not groomed every day. This breed loves people and is a wonderful family pet.They are not yappy…

  12. Avatar Of John Amsmit

    John Amsmit


    To the know-it-all posters who claim all dogs shed…YOU’RE WRONG!I have two Goldendoodles and neither one of them sheds. At all. Not one bit. You could take a swiffer through my floors on any day of the week and you will come up no dog hair. Do all Goldendoodles not shed? No. Do mine not shed? Yes. So your statement is simply incorrect by your usage of the word “all”. And btw, matting is not shedding…fyi.

  13. Avatar Of Joe



    All dogs shed and I am allergic to every breed but two. Whippets and Greyhounds.

    No other breed can lick me but them even on my arm. Their saliva must be biologically different. As it is a protein in a dogs saliva that causes the allergy.

    They are also without an undercoat which means less hair to shed. Plus their coats are short and smooth which means the amount they shed is less and easier to clean up and groom.

  14. Avatar Of Fred



    Cairn terriers do not shed and they are tough little dogs–

  15. Avatar Of Karen



    My HAVANESE does not shed. I do comb him every day but get less HAIR on the comb than I do on my own brush. He’s the best!!! He’s seven years old.

    • Avatar Of Sharon Palmer

      Sharon Palmer


      I have a havanese and he doesn’t shed at all. He is a great dog. I also had a bichon frise and he didn’t he didn’t shed either.

  16. Avatar Of Lucille Lucille says:

    I have a Maltipoo and he does not shed. I brush him every other day and he gets a professional grooming every two months. Once in a while I will find a small curl on his blanket but that is it.

  17. Avatar Of Sheila Poole

    Sheila Poole


    I have had 4 Old English Sheepdogs and they do not shed.
    Make a wonderful pet.

  18. Avatar Of Steve



    Are Springer Spaniels considered non-sheders? I have had several and cannot remember any problems with hair. They were kept in kennels at night but usually had the run of the house or yard during the day.My mother complained of her allergy to animal dandruff when staying with us.

    Good family dogs and well behved with no barking problems.

    Take care of their ears if foxtail grass is around.

  19. Avatar Of Janet JANET says:

    And what breed does the Presidential family have for allergies?

  20. Avatar Of Preston Preston says:

    I have owned two Shih Tzu and neither of them shed a bit. I could brush them and get hair off of them, but no hair on carpet or furniture. A great dog.

    • Avatar Of Caren



      I also have a shih Tzu and a yorkie, they are groomed every month and I vaccum up more people hair than my babies hair. the only time there is dog hair is after they get back from the groomers and its only because of it being cut. they both usually get a puppy cut because in there eyes, im not a professinal and they are snobs! mom is not qualified to brush them out any more, they used to let me brush them,until they were taken to their groomer. lol but the best babies you could ever wish for. they don’t eat dog food I make their food and maybe that is the difference in the no shedding thing, I don’t know, but mine don’t shed either. and Preston, you are right, they are a GREAT DOG!!!

  21. Avatar Of Mark Mark says:

    It is difficult for me to understand the hysterical responses the beginning of this thread — particularly because they perform a disservice. Sure, “shedding” is a relative term. But the difference for allergic people between “shedding” and “non-shedding” is dramatic. Dogs that do not have a shedding season release very small amounts of dandruff compared to shedding breeds — and the dandruff is what most of us who are “allergic to dogs” react to.
    From the time I could walk until I was 4 1/2 years old, the tip of every finger peeled and sometimes bled. At 4 1/2, My symptoms were controlled when my pediatrician prescribed a mild antihistamine cream. But the symptoms didn’t completely disappear until the next dog — a Standard Poodle. Do Poodles shed? Yes, by the standards seemingly applied by the first two comments here. But by that standard, all humans shed, too. In this case, as with many aspects of biological systems, the “dosage” matters. For me, the difference was that of painful fingers — or the complete absence of symptoms. In this most important sense, the article is precise and accurate. These breeds (and others, including the Jack Russell Terrier short hair) prevent misery for those like me, and others don’t. It’s that simple.

  22. Avatar Of Linda



    I have a Chinese Crested and he does NOT shed as he has no hair. My Shih-Tzu sheds a tiny bit, and the poodle hardly at all.

  23. Avatar Of Ramona Fridley

    Ramona Fridley


    My Wire Fox Terrier didn’t shed, nor did my wire coated Jack Russels, but my Corgie made up for them all, also I had a soft coated JR, that didn’t shed, bless all mt dogs now long gone, how I miss them.

  24. Avatar Of Katie



    Any non-sissy dogs for people with allergies but not purses?

  25. Avatar Of Jerry Findley

    Jerry Findley


    I have Xolo’s and Chinese Crested’s…..They don’t shed. No thought given to any of the hairless breeds ?? And BTW, doxies DO shed…..

  26. Avatar Of Whitney



    All dogs shed to some degree. What you are allergic to is the dander that comes off the dogs, not the hair itself. Also saliva and sometimes urine comes into play with allergies. And yes, I did live with 3 yorkies. Those yappy little things still made me itch like no one’s business, even though the lady swore to my mother that they were hypo-allergenic. She was a liar.

  27. Avatar Of Joyce Miller Joyce Miller says:

    I have Airedale Terriers. Those who say that all dogs shed are right to a certain extent: some dogs shed all the time. Others, like many terriers, have two coats: the top coat does not shed all the time. It grows and grows like our hair, but when it reaches it length, it has to be trimmed or pulled. The undercoat sheds more frequently, but it is, in a way, kept from shedding on your floors by the thick top coat on top of it. When you brush or comb one of these dogs, you pull out a lot of the undercoat hairs, but you don’t get much of the top coat hairs. Those top coats, however, only grow to a certain length and when they reach their length, they can easily be pulled out.

  28. Avatar Of Robyn



    Soft coated wheaten terriers should have been first on this list. They don’t shed at all, unlike almost all the other breeds you have on here. Their coat is only one layer. I guess the groomer who made the previous comment never had to groom a wheaten. They are also the best friend you could ever have. Don’t get one if you are going to be gone all day at work though, they can’t handle being left alone.

    • Avatar Of Rich Whittington

      Rich Whittington


      I am so sad people still do not give this breed its dues. I breed them in the 90’s . I was lucky enough to get a pup that a lady from Germany brought her breeding pair her with her. Her grandfather was the most award winning wheaten in the world. ( in both conformation and ob)She had the irish coat and was the working class. The true wheaten, and was VERY laid back. The last litter she had a retired show judge bought a pup, a vet, and a lady for a handicap assist, not bad for a litter of 5. I did not believe in showing them but really studied the breed and took pride in what I bred.

  29. Avatar Of Brenda Coven

    brenda coven


    My husband and I had a Malamute who shed so much hair we collected it
    and gave it to a friend who made a sweater from it! Wonderful dog.

  30. Avatar Of June Phillips

    June phillips


    I have two poms and they do NOT shed. they require brushing, but then, all dogs need to be brushed.!

    • Avatar Of Ginger Sisk

      ginger sisk


      I have a white pom that only leaves dust bunnies after a bath and she is a yapper but we love her

  31. Avatar Of Andrea



    I have a Shih-Tzu and a Morkie-Combo of Maltese and Yorkie. My Shih-Tzu loses hair from his tail when I brush it and the Morkie when I comb it out. I seldom find hair on my clothes. Maybe a couple pieces. I am an asthmatic and highly allergic to animals and have had GREAT success with the shed factor and their “dander” not being an issue.

    Although no dog is 100% Hypo-allergenic, I highly recommend these.

  32. Avatar Of Valerie Benitez

    Valerie Benitez


    You forgot the Lhasa Apso….I have one and he does NOT shed and I have an allergy to most dogs with a different kind of fur/hair, like German Shepherds.

  33. Avatar Of Randy Rice

    Randy Rice


    I have a beautiful Bichon Frise and she DOES NOT shed. I can hold her while wearing a black sweater and pants and she DOES NOT shed. I also have a Shih Tsu. He does shed some, but not a lot. If you keep “non-shedding” dogs groomed and brushed, they don’t shed.

  34. Avatar Of Becky



    I own poodles and used to own a Dachsie, they ALL shed, the Dachsie excessively so. There is no such thing as a hyperallergenic dog as it can be the dead skin cells that all dogs shed or saliva which causes the allergies in most cases!

  35. Avatar Of Jackie



    ALL Dogs moult and shed their coats!
    Gosh I wish I could underline that!
    STOP perpetuating the lie in order to promote these dogs
    and bad Breeders who insist on lying to prospective owners
    “Oh these dogs don’t shed!” I repeat ALL DOGS SHED!
    In fact, the breeds you have mentioned above are even worse,
    Because they necessitate BRUSHING and COMBING DAILY, by THE OWNER
    to avoid that shedding coat being trapped against the dog’s skin
    causing a straight jacket of sheer pain and discomfort!
    I’m a Groomer, 45 yrs I’ve spent handling dogs with severely matted coats in terrible discomfort and suffering, all because their owners were told by the breeders and the false information “EVERYWHERE” that their particular dog doesn’t moult so won’t need brushing! Get your facts right before writing articles like this, Speak to those handling dogs each day a their profession DOG GROOMERS! We are so often overlooked, but we know more about the dogs we handle than we are given credit for, because of simply that, WE HANDLE THEM and LIVE WITH THEM every day of our lives! STOP PERPETUATING THE CRUELTY these dogs suffer NOW!

    • Avatar Of Penny



      perhaps the dogs youre caring for are eating the wrong food or are not being cared for properly at home but I have a maltipoo (maltese and poodle) and he DOSE NOT SHED.

    • Avatar Of Richard



      All dogs don’t shed, you are as ignorant as all the others. In 45 years, it is likely you never had a Xolo, simply because you weren’t needed but 4 out of 5 do not shed. (1 out of 5 is coated)

  36. Avatar Of Lyn



    Seriously? They all shed to some extent and Bostons and Doxies shed terribly. The breeds with flowing coats have a longer growing cycle so they shed less, poodles and curly coated breeds have curly hair which keeps the hair in, plus a long growing cycle. ALL DOGS SHED! As a groomer I see these “non-shedding” breeds and brush out as much hair as I do on every other breed and see the matting they get. If you don’t want a dog that sheds get a ceramic one.

    • Avatar Of Cassie Lewellen

      Cassie Lewellen


      My Yorkie shed something terrible. I had to put him to sleep because of his health and 5 months later I was still finding hair from him. ALL of them shed.

    • Avatar Of Wd



      I shed more then my dog. When I brush him 1 out 10 time I might get 1 or 2 hairs.

    • Avatar Of Kathy



      Yes, I have a Bichon/Poodle-these are the most wanted breed I have ever known they’re the cutest..&..yes they do shed!

      Lyn, is right but I always am brushing my Mimi to get the hair that’s matted especially under her wittle belly because otherwise they suffer terrible in the hot weather. Breaks my heart when I see these poor dogs all matted because their owners don’t take care of them the way they’re suppose to..

    • Avatar Of Eileen



      I have a three year old Maltese. I keep his hair cut short most of the time because it is a pain to keep up with the grooming it takes to let it get long and silky like they look on the show room arena on the dog shows I’ve seen. My biggest problem with him is when he hears someone at our door or someone walking through the house, he barks very loudly and goes on into a very loud screaming bark. It hurts my hears. I don’t know how to break him from this. A squirt bottle of water helps a bit, but sometimes not even that works.

      • Avatar Of Eileen



        I want to add that he has a problem in one of his ears and he chews on one of his front paws, the left and the right back one. I treat him for fleas. I don’t think that is the problem. I think the bacteria in his right ear has spread to two of his feet that he uses to rub his right eye and scratching his right ear. Also, he looks as if he has a cataract in his right eye as he rubs it a lot with the left paw. Could this be the reason he chews on two of his paws? Also, what could have caused the right eye to turn white all over and it has a rough dark, almost black circle around it? He also has some dark spots on his skin. Is this normal in Maltese or could he have been cross bred. I guess I need to read up on the breed don’t I.

        • Avatar Of Sharon Cipolla

          Sharon Cipolla


          What does your Vet say? Your dog should be seen by your Vet asap. Many times they chew their paws becasue they can get yeast infections – if you dip their paws daily in white vinegar this will clear up a yeast infection. A solution of 50/50 water and white vinegar in the ear daily will also clear up/prevent a yeast infection in the ear – this was great homeopathic advice from my Vet. If it is a bacterial infection you need a Vet and , Truthfully, only a VEt will be able to diagnose wether it is yeast or some type of bacteria infection. Right now with all the issues you described, you really need to see a Vet asap – your dog is definately suffering. Good luck to you and your dog – I wish your dog a speedy recovery

        • Avatar Of Hatchery



          I have 3 Maltese and my female chews on her feet and the fur turns pinkish and she has GERD and vomits. It sounds like your Maltese may have allergies because of the chewing, and also many other problems that require a vet vist ASAP! I control my Maltese’s allergies with ultra-allergen free food, and NO chicken at all!!!

      • Avatar Of Sheryl



        My Maltese is 10 & has the same barking traits you describe. In fact, when we return home after having been out longer than Spencer thinks is necessary, we are treated to his scolding us in a wonderful imitation of a shrilly screaming shrew! I also have his coat kept short because brushing him is a daily battle (he came from an abused home & doesn’t like to be touched unless he initiates the touch) & short coat means less brushing time & way fewer mattes.

    • Avatar Of Richard



      Hi, I agreed with everything you said till the end. The article missed and you’re wrong. My 9 lb. Xoloitzquintli doesn’t shed a bit. “He does get cold though” 🙂

    • Avatar Of Julie



      I agree…I have a Westie, and she sheds a lot. I’m a dog groomer, the best dog for less shedding is a full blooded poodle. The rest SHED. :3

    • Avatar Of Peggy peggy says:

      My Bichon is 11 years old and has never shed

    • Avatar Of Maggie



      We have had 2 soft-coated Wheaten Terriers and neither one of them shed. They do have to be groomed every 6 – 8 weeks. The hair in the brush is just like the hair in a human’s brush. These dogs should have been first on the list. They are independent, friendly to all but do need exercise.

      • Avatar Of Paula Cramer

        Paula Cramer


        I agree with everything you say, Maggie. We have a Soft Coated Wheaten and she is the best dog we have ever had. Her personality is delightful and tremendously loyal. She Demands exercise so is walked twice daily. She leads us where she wants to go! She is very social and loves to interact with dogs or people and loves everyone! She loves a ride in the car so she can put her head out and feel the wind in her hair. An excellent traveler when we drive to Florida each winter. I recommend her for those who have time to spend on a pet. She Does Not Shed, at all. She does do the Wheaten “greet” when people visit. That is the only thing I would like to minimize but having trouble changing that behavior. Tell me about your dogs.

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