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Family Dog Alerts Parents to Abusive Babysitter

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A Charleston, South Carolina family credits the family dog with “sniffing out” an abusive babysitter hired to care for their 7-month old son.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan took all the right steps in finding a babysitter for their son, 7-month old Finn. After interviewing several prospects and running criminal background checks, Alexis Kahn seemed like a good fit. The young couple hired Kahn to babysit their son in the family home while they worked during the day.

But, a few months after hiring her, something wasn’t right.

“About five months into her being our baby sitter, we started to notice that our dog was very defensive of our son when she would come in the door,” Benjamin Jordan told WISTV News. “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.’

The Jordans, having grown suspicious due to their friendly dog’s odd behavior toward Kahn, hid an iPhone under the couch, set to record what happened while they were away at work.

They were horrified by what they heard on the recording.

“It started with cussing,” Jordan said. “Then you hear slap noises and his crying changes from a distress cry to a pain cry. I just wanted to reach through the audio tape, go back in time and just grab him up.”

The Jordans shared their findings with police who arrested Kahn a few weeks later. Kahn confessed to abusing the baby and was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison as well as placed on a child abuse registry, meaning she will never again be allowed to work with children.

“Had our dog not alerted us to the trouble, had my wife’s instincts not said we need to make something happen, it could have been Finn that was killed by the babysitter. You never know.”

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  1. Avatar Of Marcus Welby Marcus Welby says:

    Dogs are stupid, smelly creatures.

  2. Avatar Of Denell Scarborough

    Denell Scarborough


    Dogs “know!”

  3. Dogs are amazing. I’m so glad they were able to put a stop to her abuse. It’s so hard to leave your children and work outside the home. I was so blessed to be able to work from home from the time my kids were born until they moved out. I did legal editing for court reporters (scoping) and was able to support my family without missing my kids. I was very blessed.

  4. Avatar Of Dawn



    How do you get the iPhone to record for so long? Mine stops after 60 seconds 🙁

  5. Avatar Of Whitney



    1-3 years!?!? Id hang her in public and make an example of her..

  6. Avatar Of Betty BETTY says:


  7. Avatar Of Chi



    Dogs know who are good and who are bad. From experience, my little but ferocious pom/yorkie always does the same behavior as this dog when someone he knows is bad news. This family is lucky to have such a dog!

  8. …is bronze and aquamarine. It is a lovely little bauble. They put a piece of candy in my order. It was delicious.

  9. Avatar Of Monica



    God bless that dog. Dog’s are THE most wonderful creatures.

  10. Avatar Of Connie



    As a former shelter volunteer for over 25 years, the saddest thing was seeing a loyal dog turned into a shelter because “they were having a real baby”. The dog that loved them and would have loved and protected their child as a member of their pack very often lost it’s life due to the lack of another home for an adult dog. People must know how many of us had a dog when we were born and how many of us grew into healthy happy and successful adults and our family dog lived with us thru it all!! I really hope this important lesson is taught to all parents–having a dog and a baby pays big rewards.

  11. Avatar Of Kenken



    ** I pray for their recovery..

    I hope that monster serves a good time in prison!!

  12. Avatar Of Kenken



    ** ALL PARENTS SHOULD BUY NANNY CAMS!! That’s the problem with Parents!!
    Don’t fully trust background checks! That can not tell you if they are aggressive, mentally stable and more.. What will it take parents to understand??? I would spare no expensive keeping my child protected.. 1 camera with audio.. Easy to install… Most IP Cameras connect via Internet to your Phone for Live View..

    OMG – People still think a document or verification from any place will really tell you what state of mind that individual has..

    If your Babysitter has a problem with having cameras to monitor your child and home… DON’T HIRE THEM! Bad people hate cameras.. Good people don’t care and have nothing to hide!

    With so many things happening on the news, people still fall victims..
    Be smarter, Think ahead… Better to spend a buck than lose more..

    Your kids are priceless.. It’s worth the investment to protect them..

    Nanny Cams can’t stop them doing something, but it will deter many from trying.

  13. Avatar Of Dog Mommy And Baby Mommy

    Dog Mommy and Baby Mommy


    People’s comments are always the most entertaining part of an article. You stay at home mom’s are pretty ignorant though. Keep your judgements to yourself. The point of this story is about the dog, which I find absolutely heartwarming! Sending LOTS of hugs and kisses to the dog and of course that beautiful little boy! To the baby sitter may you rott in hell….carma is a bitch. I hope you never have children of your own. God help them if you do.

  14. Avatar Of Morrigan



    All of you who want to badmouth people and throw guilt trips at them because they do not stay home with their children are absolutly the most hateful creatures and must be so angry with your lives that you feel you must hurt others.
    You are also so ignorant that you miss the whole point of the story, the dog alerted the family and they took action. Which is more than you self righteous people whould have done. You probably woudl have had the dog put down for being protective.

  15. Avatar Of Morrigan



    All of you who want to badmouth people and throw guilt trips at them because they do not stay home with their children are absolutly the most hateful creatures and must be so angry with your lives that you feel you must hurt others.
    You are also so ignorant that you miss the whole point of the story, the dog alerted the family and they took action. Which is more than you self righteous people whould have done. You probably woudl have had the dog put down for being agressive.

  16. Avatar Of Douglas Worsley

    douglas worsley


    Do hope that dawg gets a T-Bone steak, for a reward! Bravo!

  17. They say kids and dogs know….this just proves it. So sorry for you Son but so proud of your dog.

  18. Avatar Of Alana



    Wow! Im not surprised at all. Growing up I’ve had horrible experiences with babysitters. One fed cat food to my sister and the other children, locked me in the bathroom because I told them not to eat it ( I was about 4-5) and a child died in her care. She did get arrested! But I’m glad they have such a good dog!

  19. Avatar Of Margret Robbins

    margret robbins


    Dear mommies,

    There is no job, no home, no car, no furniture, no vacation worth this and it happens too often.

    Go home where you belong. take responsibility for raising your children well. With a love of family.

    There is no child, given the choice between everything you own and their parents that would chose possessions. Try to be as smart as your children.

    From an old gramma

    • Avatar Of Nano



      true if they are able to do without some luxuries and stay at home with the children do so but I realize so difficult for some where it takes 2 meager salaries of both parents just to keep things going.

    • Avatar Of Ginna



      I agree with Margret!! I chose to stay home with all four of my children….no money in the world could’ve kept me from raising my own kids. I was fortunate enough to have a very supportive husband who could afford to take care of us, but even if he didn’t make enough money, I would still stay home and do with less, or work from my home….or I simply wouldn’t have any children at all…that’s how important I think it is for a mom to raise their own children!! besides they grow up sooo fast, why not make the sacrifice for just a little while, at least until they start school!! my children are all grown and doing very well, and as I look back at my decision to stay home with them…I have no regrets, best decision I ever made!!

    • Avatar Of Lnm2390



      I come from a home where both my parents had to work or WE WOULDN’T EAT! My mother could have stayed at home and signed us up for food stamps but she didn’t. We do not live in a world anymore where mom working is always optional. This article is not an opportunity for anyone to judge these people for how they choose to raise their family.

  20. Avatar Of Rick



    ok…the comments about the name…lets leave it at, “Kahn is the BAD GUY from Star Trek ” that is all.

  21. Avatar Of Juanita Juanita says:

    That bitch needs to be slapped n the shit beat outta her , who does that!!

  22. Avatar Of True Dog Lover And Parent!

    True dog lover and parent!


    First of all you are an idiot for leaving a 7 month old with a stranger. Your son got what you deserve. Second why would you promote your dog or bad parenting on this horrible site that promotes muscle building supplements for dogs (dog steroids). I guess you take care of your dog as well as you take care of your child. This site is only promoting that they care for animals to make a buck and obliviously will except advertising dollars from anyone. If I paid them enough I am sure they would advertise my new and improved dog fighting arenas. This site and you awful parents should be ashamed of yourself and animal control and DCFS should be called on you to remove your poor dog and child. You obviously can’t take care of either. Freaking idiots!!!!!

    • Avatar Of T Marye

      T Marye


      The freaking idiot is YOU! Not everyone has the choice to use only family when looking for a sitter and not everyone has the luxury of one parent staying at home to care for the children. They did their homework. They interviewed. They ran background checks. You claim this is BAD parenting. On the contrary, they did what they could and kept their eyes open. Additionally, you claim they are promoting their dog. Obviously, you have no clue of how a news feed works or the Associated Press. To add insult to injury, you claim this is a horrible site. Well, allow me to cordially invite you to “fuck the hell off” this site. There is NO way they would accept your advertising for dog fighting arena’s no matter how much money you have. Simply put, you are nothing but a TROLL who enjoys seeing their name in print, as it makes you feel SO much more important than you actually are.

    • Avatar Of Lisa Deblois

      lisa deblois


      Apparently you only have dogs and no children or you wouldn’t make such an assenine post. my mother in law slapped my daughter in the face once.she never baby sat them again. She’s lucky i didn’t retaliate. It is extremely sad that no one can be trusted anymore. Do yourself a favor and keep your opinions to yourself about subjects you know nothing about. Dip shit!

    • Avatar Of Mom Of 4

      Mom of 4


      You know what is really sad, the fact that you have posted something on this site that you HATE SO MUCH!!!! As for a stranger watching the kids or babies, child abuse can happen ANYWHERE!!!! It can happen at a preschool, daycare, also, just because you have family watching your child does NOT mean that they don’t have a visitor that may not be well behaved around children. Seriously, for you to come onto this site and turn something good into something almost making these parents into monsters, makes me wonder one thing….how abusive are you???? You apparently have no problem with written abuse, and being an ass, so you are telling us all that you are so pure, that you have never done anything wrong to anyone. Seriously, climb on the cross, nail yourself to it, so we can all thank you for your sacrifices!

  23. Avatar Of J.l. Pattini

    J.l. Pattini


    Great Dog, We really need to take notice right away when are Dogs act so differently around someone, they seem to have such a great prespection of people. I don’t know if I would have been able to contain Myself when I heard what this Devil was doing. Good for You taking the right action for getting her away from Children, she will get her justice in prison when they find out why she is there. I hope

  24. Avatar Of Delia



    @jill — sand nigger? Wtf? Some one as ignorant and as stupid as to use a racial slur has no business offering a comment. Go stew in your hate by yourself – no one wants your opinion, you idiotic jerk!

  25. Avatar Of Jill



    that why you dont hire people namesd khan.. obiviously a sand nigger name..

    • Avatar Of Denise



      Khan is Chinese/Mongolian. Jill, I don’t even need to lnow your last name to know you’re an offensive and ignorant ninny.

      • Avatar Of Jack



        The babysitter’s name is Alexis Kahn, not Khan. Kahn is a German surname.

        By the way, Khan is a title, like King, in Mongolia, but it is also a surname in India.

    • Avatar Of Mom Of 4

      Mom of 4


      So your last name must be jones, or smith, or ….wait, susan smith (murderous woman) is white, bubba smith the great nfl lineman, is black. tom jones (singer) is white, deacon jones, nfl running back, was black. So you tell me, do you go into the library before you say that every book is bad?

    • Avatar Of Lnm2390



      Abuse is an EEO. Someone who is white could have done it too. Also, fuck you, ignorant prick.

  26. Avatar Of Sue



    Only 1-3 yrs?? Should be longer and harsher punishment for someone who would do this to a defenseless child. Praises and an extra big reat for the dog.

  27. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    Praise the lord for your dog!!! I can image how your son went through crying. It made me tears. I dislike how babysitter or anyone treat your son. I am so glad your dog is very protective of your son. Your dog is a truly angel. 🙂 That babysitter deserves the punishment and does to jail to learn the hardest lesson. Children are too precious and gift of God’s!

  28. Avatar Of Carol Boyle

    Carol Boyle


    Good for you for catching her, I love animals, I lost my husband to cancer a few months ago, and when I have a cry my budgies come and sit on me right away like they know . We just dont know, mine are my angels

  29. What a powerful story! I am happy they kept their family pet and he proved to be a valuable part of the family. Don’t give up your dog just because you have a new baby.

  30. Avatar Of Kelly



    Sad story with a good outcom. Animals are a great judge of character. More people need to be aware of what family pets are trying to tell them. That dog is a hero!

  31. Avatar Of Tracy Rawls

    Tracy Rawls


    Always, always watch and listen to your dog! They don’t know how to lie and they are loyal and will protect his pack. I listened to mine and I am here today.

  32. And some people call them Dumb Animals. Dogs are not dumb, people are. Dogs are our only true friends.

  33. Avatar Of Shirley



    Paw salute to family dog they are our protecters. Give him a steak.
    Woodhauser Pet Resort

  34. Avatar Of Jeanne



    That’s why I only left my babies with family until they were old enough to talk.

    • Avatar Of Jodi



      Good for you…but not everyone has the good fortune to have family available and willing!

      • Avatar Of Nano



        we made the decision to take jobs that our children were rarely left with sitters.my husband worked fulltime and we both worked opposite shifts for years.we did without a lot but I always knew if our kids had us and our attention that material things didn’t matter.i would work nights and stay up with children till husband got home from work.would nap when they did.it was hard but we are so glad we did.my husband also took his turn doing nights and staying up.it didn’t last forever,soon they are going to school and it gets easier.

      • Avatar Of Tina Grunow

        tina grunow


        i agree with you jodi most of the time i didnt have family who would or could

    • Avatar Of Chris



      Because no child has ever been abused by a family member?

    • Avatar Of Jackie



      Sometimes family members are the abusers….actually abusers usually ARE family members….

      • Avatar Of Bestimmt



        Yeah, but I trust my family members a lot more than strangers. I’ve known my parents for 35 years, they’ve never hit me or my sister, so I trust them. Its all about trust. You can’t know who is an abuser. You just have to judge character as best you can. Nanny cams are a great idea.

    • Avatar Of Mom Of 4

      Mom of 4


      Just because they can talk does NOT mean they WILL. How many children everyday are touched (some by people they ARE related to) and they didn’t say anything because the perp said they would kill the family or hurt them badly. Seriously…. never know, just be thankful.

    • Avatar Of Fleadip



      That lady was in someones family. Most abuse is done by family members.

    • Avatar Of Michelle



      Most of the time, it’s family who does the abusing. It’s good to be wary of EVERYONE when children are involved.

  35. Avatar Of Susan



    Good for that dog! They can tell who is good or bad.

    • Avatar Of Vicki



      I’ve always said I trust my dogs’ judgment of character. It is only black or white, good or bad to them.

    • They can really tell the good from the bad. Years ago I had a Doberman named Princess. She was a real “velcro dog”. Completely loving and attached to me and everybody she encountered. On my day off from work at Massapequa General Hospital I walked Princess to work to meet some of the staff. The head of the department “Ed” was outside taking a smoking break. Princess bared her teeth and growled at him. In all the years I had her this was the one time she ever showed upset at anybody. I thus realized that he did have an evil side that was very apparent to Princess. Trust your dog. They know.

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