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Family is Desperate for Answers When Healthy Dog Dies After Petco Grooming

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Joe and Cynthia Eaton took their healthy, happy 14-year old Jack Russel terrier, Skip, to Petco for a simple nail trim.

“While we were there, we were upsold to this grooming special,” Joe told KRON4. Excited to pamper their beloved pooch with his very own spa day, the couple agreed to a full groom and left the California Petco store.

About 15 minutes later, they received an urgent call from the Petco store manager telling them to hurry to the local vet clinic.

It was at the vet clinic that they got the news. Their best friend was dead.

They returned to the store to try to piece together what happened. The manager showed them a room where Skip had been restrained and left alone for at least 5 minutes.

“I just looked at him and said, ‘Are you kidding? You left my dog attached to a choking device?’” Joe said. “…He just shook his head and said ‘yes, that’s exactly what we did. And I’m sorry.’”

Petco paid for Skip’s veterinary bills and a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

“While a definitive cause of death for Skip could not be determined, an independent veterinary examination suggests that he may have suffered a serious cardiac event and confirmed there was no evidence of trauma,” Petco said in a statement.

“We understand there is no way to make up for the loss of a pet, but in an effort to help, Petco has paid for all of Skip’s veterinary expenses. All of us at Petco are deeply saddened by Skip’s untimely passing, but we do not believe it was related to the actions of our store team.”

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  1. Avatar Of Sherry



    I witnessed a little dog getting the crap beat out of it during grooming at petsmart I happen to walk by a hole in the dog food bags in the store the girl was watching in case someone came around the corner she got the table clear in the back so customers wouldn’t see her right away …she didn’t see me .she was holding the dog in the air by one leg while it hung from the choke collar the use to keep there head still
    It was in mid air …she would grab it and shake it because it was trying to bite her ..I waited out front told the owner……then the manager they tried to lie but I was relentless …I said bend down and pet the dog if it loves you grooming it like she said …..she was scared shitless to bend down and pet it..I said to the lady have people sneak in and spy on her she probably does it All the time! Petsmart Massillon ohio

  2. Avatar Of Rita



    The death of this family’s beloved dog could have easily been prevented if the staff of Petco had not left him alone in a room, attached to a choking device! Petco’s comment that “an independent veterinary examination suggests that he may have suffered a serious cardiac event and confirmed there was no evidence of trauma” is rubbish. They were negligent and did not take proper care of Skip. By their negligence the Petco staff caused the dog’s death! If Skip was my dog, I would be devastated and hiring an attorney!

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