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FBI Names Animal Cruelty a Top Tier Felony Offense

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For many years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has filed animal abuse crimes under the “other” category alongside a variety of lesser crimes, making these cases a low priority in the eyes of federal law.

Now, however, the FBI has re-classified animal abuse as a top-tier felony offense, categorized with as much importance as arson, burglary, kidnapping, and even homicide.

When this change goes into effect in 2016, crimes against animals will be given more priority, more resources, and those convicted harsher sentencing. The FBI hopes these changes will weed out animal abusers and help to bring more cases to federal prosecution.

KCTV reported,

Since animal cruelty is considered a more serious crime under the new rules, reports will now be documented in the National Incident-Based Reporting System. This action will advance how law enforcement officials understand how to prevent these often violent crimes.

It’s been proven that those same persons lacking the moral capacity to treat animals kindly and with care tend to also or eventually commit crimes against other humans. Those in favor of the new classification of animal abuse are not only thrilled that animal abuse cases will now be taken more seriously, but are also confident that catching abusers early and often will prevent or reduce the likelihood that they’ll commit additional crimes.

For now, cities and states will continue to have their own classification for animal abuse crimes committed in their jurisdictions, but those crimes that cross state lines – like a dog fighting ring that covers multiple states or a puppy mill selling to a buyer across a state border – will now be treated as top-tier federal felonies.

Advocates hope these changes will eventually trickle down to state and city levels as well, with those jurisdictions upping the ante, making animal abuse a felony, as well.

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  1. Avatar Of Gracie



    I love all animals they all deserve love and respect I’ve been waiting for this glorious day to come where it becomes a felony. When I saw it on Facebook I spread the word right away to other animal lovers.. The people who hurt animals need to be treated the worse punishment. I never understood why others want to hurt animals usually those people eventually hurt other people.. We need to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone they need to be on a nationwide website. Have their photos shown and the crime they committed society needs to know this just like sex offenders. Thank you for all your hard work to make this happen I been praying for this day. I am hoping they will close all the circuses the animals are mistreated also.. I have a cat she is from the humane society my last two cats had to put down one for cancer and the other for kidney failure.. I loved them very much it is so hard to lose a pet you feel closer to them than most people.

  2. Avatar Of Kim Keister Kim Keister says:

    This looks like a picture(The pictures with the Siberian Huskies crammed in cages) from the Mountain Eden KY Siberian Husky Puppy Mill that was raid for the 2ed time this year( first was in 2004). This time they need put Laura Pope and her partners Kathleen Casey, Stephen Perry aka Michael Bretanas, Therasa Werder and anyone else in cahoots with Pope behind bars and forever ban then ever owning any dogs. I rather see these people forever behind bars for their crimes!

  3. Avatar Of Ellyn Lavine

    Ellyn LaVine


    It’s about time! Now how do we get this done throughout Asia?
    For both dogs and cats!!!. The very notion of the dog and cat meat trade makes me sick in my stomach and breaks my heart. I realize it’s part of their culture and customs, but needs to be protested by every Country who has domestic animals as pets. I’ve been protesting for YEARS and to no avail. There’s been some movement, but still it’s not enough! I’m only one person, but if this Country’s F.B.I. can document the similarities between adults and children who abuse/kill animals with crimes against other humans/serial killing than why are we not sharing/pointing this out in Asia?. It’s almost as if they’re hiding behind their culture in doing so, yet humans are humans first and culture is?… well…culture. How do we get this done???.

    • Avatar Of Jerry Toro

      Jerry Toro


      Asia is too general a term and we are just as guilty of barbaric cruelty in the U.S. in our treatment of pigs and calves and chickens, etc. Do you know how they treat animals (dogs especially) in most Middle Eastern countries? Makes “Asia” seem like heaven.

  4. Avatar Of Ana Silva ana silva says:

    basta de tanta crueldade para com os animais…justiça.

  5. Finally about time! Hopefully this will deter others.

  6. Avatar Of Cynde Chapman

    cynde chapman


    Can’t figure out to sign up to follow you!

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