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Find Your True Love for Valentine’s Day: Meet Daja

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It’s the season of LOVE!

Despite what one may think they know about love, one never knows the real feeling until adopting a pet. The love, affection, loyalty and appreciation rescued dogs show are unparalleled.

So, this Valentine’s Day season, The Dogington Post along with PetGiftBox.com are helping to spread the word about 7 adoptable pups that have been looking for love for more than a year in the hope that they all get adopted in time for Valentine’s Day.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Valentine’s Day behind bars.


Every dog deserves to be loved, so we’ve selected 7 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own.

Meet Daja!


Hi, I am Daja the Smiling Pittie.

I was abandoned by my family at the local shelter in Mesa, Arizona in April 2013. While I was adopted a couple times, I never scored my forever family as I ended up returned at the shelter each time. I became very anxious and stressed, as I didn’t like being confined in a small place surrounded by hundreds of scared and anxious dogs. In July 2014, when I landed on the Euthanasia List (yes, the local shelter has a high kill rate), my angels at Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue came and saved me in the nick of time.

Ever since, it seems like the Universe has forgotten about me, nobody seems to want me, nobody is calling, nobody is even asking about me.

But I am not getting discouraged, I am the most positive and happy girl and I know my family is out there. I know you all will help me find them.

If you think I am smiling now, wait until I go home!!!

I am now living with my super duper loving foster mom Lydia who also goes to vet school and while I am spoiled rotten and loved more than I have ever been before, keeping me would mean she cant foster and help rescue other needy pups, and asking her to give that up would be selfish of me to do.

Now, a little bit about me:


BREED: Like most dogs these days, I am a mixed breed. What exactly and how much of it we don’t know and honestly, I am a little nervous about taking a DNA test only to find out I am a Basset Hound and Poodle mix. I know for a fact I have never ever stepped on my own ears and my fur ain’t curly one little bit. So DNA testing is not the answer.

My fan club here at Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue says I have the temperament, personality and body of a pointer – bully mix. After having done some serious research on YouTube and Pinterest, I agree.

I am a medium size dog, I am short and a bit stocky. My fur is white with lots of spots and freckles and my head is light orange with a somehow white muzzle. It’s what you get when you only want to tan your face…I have a medium size block head with happy hazel eyes and the most infectious 24/7 smile ever!!! My body is medium size, fit and snugly and my booty is nowhere close as big as some of these photos make it look.

AGE: I am about 7-8 years old and although my muzzle is getting whiter and whiter, I am still a happy, energetic and uber playful munchkin.


PERSONALITY: I am super sweet, I love people more than life itself. I am a bit shy at first but I warm up quickly and become very friendly. While I am a tiny bit anxious around new people, knowing you will have my back makes me confident enough to go meet and make new two legged friends. Once I know them, I am allover them with hugs and kisses like a blanket on a cold winter morning.

I love human attention and interaction, I am very eager to please and I have a silly personality. I am smart and obedient, I know a ton of tricks and commands. I know how to sit, stay, wait, come, drop it, leave it, lay down, roll over, take a bow, shake and give kisses.

While I enjoy food very much, I am so well behaved, I never steal food off the counters even when left home alone. I even do this trick where I hold a treat on my paw or nose and don’t eat it until I am told to.

I am total goofball who makes it her full time job to cuddle and make my people smile and lough at loud. Like any true lady, I have my own opinions I like to voice out loud.


ACTIVITY: I am a very active little lady, I love walks, I am great on the leash, I love car rides, hiking, swimming, playing fetch, tug of war, any kind of toys.

Due to my pointer heritage, I have lots of energy and I like to use it all. I would do best with someone who likes to do all these things with me. While I enjoy staying active, I also enjoy snoozing quite a bit. It’s actually all I do when I am home alone: watch TV (I have a little addiction with the Bravo channel) and nap on top of fluffy beds and pillows.

ACCOMMODATIONS: I am crate trained although I would prefer not to be crated simply because I get anxious when closed in small places and I am super trustworthy, I am not destructive and I don’t want to spend another second in a cage, I want to be free.

HEALTH: Despite my age, I am a very healthy girl. I have no major health issues other than allergies which are very common here in sunny Arizona. My foster mommy gives me a medicated bath every week, which I love and two Zyrtec pills every day. Other than that, I am healthy!

OTHER PETS: Currently the majority opinion is that I should be the only pet. It doesn’t seem I was socialized properly prior to scoring the jackpot with my rescuers and while I completed 3 months of specialized training, I have become accustomed to being the cheese wiz and I would really love to keep it that way. Believe me, I will keep you more company than 5 dogs would, so really, you only need me!


MY IDEAL HOME: Although I am not picky at all, I would really like my new home to be my forever home. I would prefer someone who understands rescue dogs, my story, my personality and most importantly someone who is committed.

I would prefer a home with a yard, a family with older well behaved kids who can treat me like a dog and not a riding pony or a pinata. I would like a quiet balanced home where I can feel safe and protected, where I can finally relax and enjoy every day, a home with plenty of doggie beds and pillows, I loooove pillows!!!

I would love a family who likes to laugh a lot, run around, play with me, cuddle a lot, because this is what I bring to the plate, lots of laughter, smiles, cuddles, fun and games.

And, guess what… I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!


After three years of being bounced around from shelter to shelter, and finally rescued by Standing Proud Pitbull Rescue in July 2014, with no solid chances of ever finding a forever home, my peeps decided to try something completely different to get me as much exposure as possible, to bring my story to the worldwide web and dig as deeply as possible for my home I have been waiting for such a long time. “Like” my page right here!

So they gave me a Facebook page to showcase my pretty face and everything about me, in hopes of getting me home. On that note, thank you for checking out my page, my rescue’s website, reading my story, checking out my video on YouTube, my photos and posts on Social Media. Every single visitor, every single share gets me closer to my family.


Step 1: Please thoroughly read my description, if you don’t have any other pets, live in a home with a fenced yard and have the time and energy to have a pet like me, please fill out an application and my peeps will review it and get back to you with a response.

Step 2: If my peeps think we would make a great fit together, they will set up a meet and greet, then a reference check and a home inspection.

Step 3: Two-week trial period

Step 4: If we work out, you get to give me your last name and we will walk together into the sunset aka the closest Pet Store to get me lots of toys, treats and cute outfits!

My adoption comes with: spay, complete and up to date shots, microchip, one hour in home training session, health vet check, 30 days of free pet insurance. Not to mention a lifetime of memories, morning kisses, snuggles galore and a ton of great karma for giving a loving home to an “only dog”

If you think we could live together happily ever after, reach out to www.standingproudpitbulls.org and send my people an email or better yet, fill out an application.

PetGiftBox.com is a monthly subscription box, specially designed with your pets in mind. Filled with the most PAWsome treats, toys and goodies, pets are always begging for more. PetGiftBox.com gives a generous donation to rescues and shelters with every subscription purchase.

Since there are 7 pups in the spotlight, PetGiftBox.com will be donating 10% of its revenues from each new subscription to the participating rescues through Valentine’s Day and each of the 7 dogs will go to their new homes with a PetGiftBox subscription.

About PetGiftBox:


PetGiftBox.com is a fast growing, innovative and super PAWsome subscription box specially designed with your cat and dog in mind. Each month, our team of Pet Experts (including our pets), paw-pick treats, toys and other fun goodies. These are then curated to a surprise themed box, providing tons of value we know your pets will RUV! Filled with only the best quality products, you and your pets will be begging for more.  And best of all? It’s affordable with monthly billing and no large upfront payments like the others!

Not only do we want the best for your pets, we give back to the community pets as well. So, with every box you get, we help support a rescue pet! This allows us to spread our love to as many animals as possible. When you purchase a box for your pets, you can feel great knowing you are helping another animal in need. For more info, sniff us out at petgiftbox.com or reach out to us at [email protected].

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