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Find Your True Love for Valentine’s Day! Meet Handsome

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It’s the season of LOVE!

Despite what one may think they know about love, one never knows the real feeling until adopting a pet. The love, affection, loyalty and appreciation rescued dogs show are unparalleled.

So, this Valentine’s Day season, The Dogington Post along with PetGiftBox.com are helping to spread the word about 7 adoptable pups that have been looking for love for more than a year in the hope that they all get adopted in time for Valentine’s Day.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Valentine’s Day behind bars.


Every dog deserves to be loved, so we’ve selected 7 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own.

Meet Handsome!

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As a near grown pup, Handsome was a victim of a house fire in an area of high poverty and known transients. It is unclear if the person who was in the house at the time of the fire was a resident or a transient—either way despite being badly burned the person did not (or was not able to) provide medical treatment for Handsome’s burns.

Concerned neighbors alerted Animal Control and he was issued a citation to obtain medical treatment for Handsome within 3 days. Meanwhile another neighbor called in a separate complaint and this time when Animal Control was contacted they found Handsome tied to a tree with no food or water and the person denied ownership stating he was a stray dog. Rather than argue the Animal Control Officer accepted Handsome as a stray in order to get to the shelter for Urgent Medical treatment.


Since he was turned in as “Stray” this gave him state mandated time to be treated and evaluated by hospital staff. In that short time Handsome stole their hearts—despite obviously painful 3rd degree burns and a tail that had been broken in two places—with his good nature and loving spirit accepted all medical treatments and gave kisses in return. The shelter reached out to the Humane Society of Stanislaus County to help foster and find a forever home. After two surgeries (one to completely clean his burns and another to fix a “cherry eye” Handsome has been ready to find his forever home and is waiting for his forever family.

Handsome will soon face another Valentine’s Day without the LOVE of a family of his own.

A little more about me…

Dog’s Name:  Handsome

Age: Estimated 2-3 years

How long at shelter/rescue: Pulled from shelter July 2014 and has been in foster care ever since. Currently being fostered in Modesto, California. Out of state adoption available for the right forever family.

Type/Size/Sex: Neutered Male, Pit Bull type about 60-65 pounds


Likes: Handsome loves to play! His preference his tug and keep away but his true passion is chasing water from a hose. He will wear himself out in the summer when I put on the sprinklers! He likes to snuggle but is easily distracted and can be energetic in an instant. Handsome also loves to go in car rides—but needs a little practice with his manners and to learn that just because the door opens it doesn’t mean that it is his turn to get out of the car. Handsome does best with established routines and consistency.

Dislikes: Handsome is not fond of loud noises, he doesn’t melt down, but it does make him nervous. He also doesn’t like to feel left out and wants to be a part of everything. Although he can be left in kennel or yard for periods of time and is confident enough to enjoy his toys and surroundings. During training time Handsome is not food motivated (although he does pay attention for boiled chicken or pieces of steak) but if something catches his attention even yummy food does not distract him.

2014-11-26 14.30.46

Special considerations: Due to the extent of burn scars Handsome is given additional oils in his food to help prevent his skin from drying out. I have found either Coconut oil or Fish oil works fine and is relatively inexpensive. It keeps his skin in good shape and gives the rest of his coat a nice sheen. In summer Handsome does need sunscreen to protect certain areas —unscented and waterproof is a preferred.

Handsome is completely housebroken and can use a doggie door if available. He is content with his toys and has not offered to chew inappropriate objects.

Handsome has lived with a cat in his first foster home but the cat was dog savvy and has not lived with a cat for over a year and half. He might be able to live with a cat under the proper circumstances but Handsome does like to chase things that move.

He also lived with a small female Chihuahua and played vigorously with her. In his current foster home he plays with a female pit bull and did well with a female pup before she was adopted. However, he does like to play a bit rough, and chase, and tug. He will use his nose as a beak and “peck” to get attention. His play style and enthusiasm is not always well received by other animals. Handsome’s exuberance often overrides his ability to use proper doggie etiquette with introductions and play so slow, supervised and proper introductions are always encouraged.

He would do best with a high energy, but tolerant female dog, one that has the same bounce and drive that Handsome does. Handsome likes other dogs but they do not always like him. I often compare him to a canine version of the comedian Chris Farley. He has earned the nicknames of “Dufus Mcgee” and “Goof Nugget.”

The perfect family or home for Handsome: Handsome would love a family that is active and that has experience to continue his training. He is basically a happy go lucky guy whose energy and drive could be overwhelming for some. Because of his size and energy a home with toddlers might not work well—he can be a bit clumsy when excited but would certainly smother them with kisses if they were bowled over. If someone would work on focusing his energy he has the confidence and ability to become anything a family or person could want. He has been a running partner with a volunteer and would even make a great dog to compete in agility—but he can also rest quietly and hang out while watching TV or playing video games.

In short Handsome is looking for someone who can love him despite his appearance and can embrace his exuberant love of life. He knows that no matter what you look like, no matter what harm has come to you in the past, every day is a new chance to greet the world with a heart full of love. His body his scarred but his spirit is unbroken!

Just check out how happy and fun-loving this boy truly is, despite the suffering he has endured!

Does Handsome seem like the perfect fit for your family? Here’s how to begin the adoption process:

For more information (or to complete an adoption application) on Handsome you can check out our:

Website: www.humanestanislaus.care

Phone: 209-550-7387 (PETS)

Petfinder: www.petfinder.com/petdetail/30472000

Email: [email protected]

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