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Florida Deputies Smash Window to Save Puppy from Hot Car

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Two Florida deputies came to the rescue, smashing a window to rescue a tiny puppy trapped inside a sweltering hot parked car.

Hot Car

The outside temperature was 92-degrees when Escambia County Deputy Sheriff Matheny and Deputy Sheriff Trainee Waters responded to a call about a puppy locked in a hot car on May 12, around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Unable to locate the car’s owner, the heroic deputies smashed a window to rescue the puppy who had now begun panting heavily and yelping in distress.

According to WFTS, Deputy Matheny broke the driver’s side window to rescue the pup. Waters gave the dog water and placed her in a cool patrol car until animal control arrived and took over.

The driver and owner of the pup, William Sparkman, was arrested and charged with Conservation-Animals:Torment Deprive. Police say the puppy is recovering and will be just fine.

Under Florida law passed in 2016, good Samaritans are protected against legal action by a car’s owner if they smash a window or break into a hot vehicle to rescue a person or animal in distress as long as those breaking into a vehicle call 911 immediately after saving the person or animal and remain with the vehicle until first responders arrive.

The temperature inside a parked car on a warm day, even with the windows slightly open, can reach 160 degrees or above, causing potential brain damage, heatstroke, and death—all in a matter of minutes. As we approach summer, and on any warm day, leave your dogs safe at home.

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