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Former Vick Dog Wins ‘GUND TOP DOG’ Stuffed Animal Contest

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Just a few weeks after Michael Vick’s announcement last year that he planned to adopt another dog, a former “Vick Dog” made headlines of his own!

Jonny Justice, left, and his Limited Edition Gund Plush, right. The Jonny Justice plush will be available late this Summer from Gund. Photo courtesy Gund.

Jonny Justice, an adorably charismatic Staffordshire bull terrier and former fighting dog for Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, snagged the GUND TOP DOG prize in the stuffed animal manufacturer’s Facebook contest to find the cutest model for a new toy. For his win, Jonny is now a Limited Edition GUND plush pet!

In 2007, Jonny was seized from Vick’s home along with 50 other dogs. Until that day, his life had been spent fighting and being abused, not loved and cherished like all dogs deserve. But, Jonny’s story is one of true success. After being rehabilitated and finding a perfect forever home, Jonny became certified as a therapy dog and even volunteered with the children’s reading program, Paws for Tales.

Jonny’s plush will be available from GUND late this summer in stores and online!

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  1. Avatar Of Gapuppie



    I wouldn’t let him own a snake. Unless it was poisonous.

  2. Avatar Of Leslie Phillips

    Leslie Phillips


    Perhaps the prong collar was a requirement of his release? From what I understand, a judge decided the conditions and the locations that the Vick dogs were sent for rehabilitation.

  3. Avatar Of Julie



    Prong collars are not bad tools when used correctly. We have used them on our spaniels who were horrible pullers when walking. Once they were trained to walk on a loose lead the prong collars were no longer used. Could be that Jonny is a puller, too, and hasn’t been fully trained to walk on a loose lead. Beautiful dog.

  4. Avatar Of Riverdivine



    Prong and choke collars are inhumane devices, no matter how many claims the manufacturers, or outdated punishment/pain-based ‘trainers’, insist that they ‘don’t hurt’. Owners who use prong collars on their dogs should spend their life having prongs wrapped around their neck as well. They can have their partner or child jerk them around by their collar, and see if it hurts them or not. Prong collars can injure/crush the trachea, damage the vagus nerve in the neck, fracture bones in the larynx, cause sharp increases of pressure in the head/causing eye damage, and more..
    Modern day animal behavioralists and educated trainers advocate humane training methods, based on positive reinforcement- as they know that training based on aversive/punishment/pain techniques are not only inhumane, but are not as effective; AND can induce fear-based aggressive behaviors in dogs, as a result.
    I’m REALLY surprised/saddened that an ex-Vick dog has his owner using a prong collar on him.
    Front ring harnesses (such as the Sensation Harness/Softtouch Concepts or the Easy Walker/Premiere) are humane and effective harnesses that immediately teach the dog to self-correct/not pull. Also they are much safer and less irritating than Halti’s/”Gentle Leaders”.
    For books or info on Positive/Humane Training, check out any of Dr.Patricia McConnell’s books. She is amazing.

  5. Avatar Of Deb



    i use a prong collar on both of my digs, they are a really good collar. i used gentle leaders for years till my boy dallas just got so strong he nearly killed me when an oposium(i know thats the wrong spelling!)ran out in front of us on a late nite walk. they are the best collars i’ve ever used. first of all they do NOT hurt the dog in any way, second they are not pulling at all(my lab dazy is as strong as my pit dallas)i have never had to correct them either, when we walk it is thier walk(everyday for an hour) so i do not restrict them too much it is for them to enjoy, they still need to be safe and this collar helps me do that. as soon as i put the collars on my dogs just know and respond as they should. like any thing else it is a tool and a great one when used properly. the collar meerly pinches the skin together like a momma dog would to correct her pups, it does not poke them or strangle them,

  6. Avatar Of Johnna Bingaman

    Johnna bingaman


    Vick is nothing but low life trash. I don’t give a damn how much money he makes, which I think is a waste. Thant is one man I can’t stand. Who in the hell would even think about giving him a dog. What the hell is wrong with this picture.

  7. Avatar Of Hermansmom



    How can Michael Vick of all people possibly be allowed to adopt a dog!!! Who would give him one?

  8. Avatar Of Carol Jordan

    Carol Jordan


    I was wondering the same thing about why the pronged collar is still being used on the wonderful dog.

  9. Avatar Of Vikki Mclaughlin

    Vikki McLaughlin


    Ecstatic about the news for Jonny Justice winning the contest and the wonderful accomplishments since his rescue and rehabilitation. I am wondering why they are still using a prong collar on him for everyday activities or at all for that matter?

    Exceptional dog and the video is heart warming. Thank you =)

    • Avatar Of Sue Ward

      Sue Ward


      The pronged collar has nothing to do with fighting, but with the strength of the dog. We had a bull mastiff who was the best dog ever, but would bolt after squirrels etc on walks. We had to use the same type of collar on her to give us better control. Tori passed a few years ago and was the best dog. Now, we have a Jack Russell who is a very strong little dog and he walks much better on a leash than Tori did, but we used this type of collar to train him. We don’t have to use that type of collar on him any more.

      Congratulations to Johnny Justice!! His career seems way better than Vick’s!

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