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Vick is Sick: Keep This Man Away From Dogs!

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Five years ago, almost to the day, Michael Vick was the most hated man in America. Today, he’s getting standing ovations in stadiums around the country where the NFL quarterback plays football with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ap Vick11
In this photo taken Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011, Scars from fighting mark the face of Lucas, the grand champion of football player Michael Vick’s fighting dogs in Kanab, Utah. Lucas is one of 13 pit bulls slowly recovering at the Best Friends Animal Society in the wilderness of Utah, a world away from where their lives began, chained in basements and forced into dogfighting rings as part of the business bankrolled by Vick. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

After his arrest in April of 2007, Michael Vick lost his $13 million per season NFL contract with the Atlanta Falcons. Nike dropped him from an endorsement deal worth millions more. He was charged with illegal dog fighting and sent to prison. It seemed as though the gifted athlete would suffer the consequences of his actions. His sick, disgusting, malicious, unforgivable actions.

Not so fast.

Not only did Vick not serve a single minute of jail time for animal cruelty, he has yet to show a shred of remorse for his actions. Because the notorious dog fighter pled “not guilty” to animal cruelty charges — charges that were eventually dropped in a plea bargain — and he was convicted only of bankrolling a dog fighting ring, he only served 19 months in prison before being welcomed back to the public spotlight.

And now, only 5 short years after 51 fighting dogs and the bodies of 9 more dead pit bulls were pulled from his Virginia home, appropriately called Bad Newz Kennels, Michael Vick seems to be faring better than ever. A contract with the Philadelphia Eagles guarantees him $35.5 million in salary. Nike has re-signed the convicted dog fighter with a new endorsement deal for undisclosed millions. He received BET’s Sportsman of the Year Award. His autobiography, Finally Free, is set to hit store shelves in September. He’s developed a clothing line, V7 Clothing, selling t-shirts with messages meant to reach out to young kids.

Ap Vick2
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, center, talks to members of the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia about his new V7 apparel line at Modell’s Sporting Goods, Wednesday, July 11, 2012, in Philadelphia. The clothing line called V7 and will be sold exclusively at East Coast sporting goods shop Modell’s. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Possibly most disturbing of all, Vick’s 3 year ban on dog ownership expires this month and he’s now legally allowed to own a dog again – and is looking forward to letting his kids pick one out. In a smug interview with Piers Morgan for CNN, Vick says it’s not fair for his children to not have a dog of their own.

When asked what kind of dog he wanted, Vick jokingly replied, “I would let them [his children] pick it out. Certainly wouldn’t be a pit bull.”

Vick’s frightening talk of becoming a dog parent again prompted the ASPCA to make the following statement against it:

Despite spending 19 months in prison for running an illegal interstate dog fighting business, Vick hasn’t expressed a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed. And rather than talk about the horrors of dog fighting, he has consistently chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught.

So, what can we do about it all?

Boycott Michael Vick. Don’t buy his book. Don’t buy his clothes. Don’t allow this dog murderer to capitalize on his illegal past.

Instead, let’s make a difference in the lives of the dogs that survived – the dogs that will spend the rest of their lives behind bars, legally unable to be placed in loving homes because of their fighting past – regardless of how caring and gentle they are.

Michael Vick’s book, Finally Free, will retail for $25. Instead of putting a single penny in this murderer’s pocket, we’re asking our readers to donate that same amount to one of several rescue organizations that will care for the un-adoptable Vick Dogs for the rest of their lives:

Many apologists argue that Vick has done his time and should be supported. It’s true Michael Vick served time for crimes associated with dogfighting, but he was never charged with nor has he served a minute of time for animal cruelty because of his plea bargain. The dogs that were rescued from his property will be paying for the rest of their lives because of his horrific crimes.

Dogs that were murdered and buried in the ground on his property paid the ultimate price. Many of us are still haunted by the horrific details of the abuse at Mr. Vick’s hands and refuse to support a dog killer, regardless of his ability to throw a football.

Share the following video with everyone you know, in support of boycotting Michael Vick.

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  1. Avatar Of Mike E

    Mike E


    I have rescued Dogs and Horses, Cats, Bats, Frogs, Turtles, Livestock and Birds to name a few, for Years and the communion that we share with animals is something that goes beyond expressing with a convenient catch phrase or blog ! It’s truly beautiful and warms the heart every time ! I will never forgive Vick or think He is a changed Man, what’s in his heart cannot be validated by time or paying a fine and doing spots promoting dog rescue awareness ! I own 5 English Staffordshire Bull Terriers that are the nicest, smartest and affectionate dogs you can imagine, some of them resemble pit bulls but I know for a fact they are my best friends and they are all rescues that I would take a Million dollars for and that’s a fact !
    Biff, You are not a Man with any sense ! Paying his debt to society ? You kidding Me ? He killed, maimed and tortured innocent dogs and didn’t serve a day in jail/prison !!! You need to shut the hell up and go about your business, friggin Moron !! Idiot like You piss me off !

  2. Avatar Of Biff Johnson

    Biff Johnson


    This has to be the most inaccurate, bias, pointless and contradictory article I have ever read. Since I won’t get the two minutes of my life back I spent reading it, I’ll spend two more minutes commenting. Michael Vick served his time and paid his debt to society. He is an example being a new man after serving time. Mr. Author, are you without sin? Are you squeaky clean? Are you perfect? I doubt it! Before you attempt to destroy a man’s credibility, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I have room to judge anyone?”

    Biff Johnson

  3. Avatar Of Anderly



    So you think this article and your facebook pages are going to make a difference whether he makes money or not? Let it go already!!! It was 5 years ago, WHILE IT WAS NOT RIGHT TO ABUSE THE DOGS, you have to learn to forgive others for their transgressions. It happened in the past, people make mistakes in life. They DESERVE a second chance, why are you hypocrites trying to take that away from him when in reality WE ALL need second and third and fourth chances???

  4. Avatar Of Venita Escalante

    venita escalante


    He should have to pay for all the care for these dogs. No he should not be able to own a dog and needs to explain to his kids why.Any human that is cruel to animals is not a good human!

  5. Avatar Of Jelani Latalo

    Jelani Latalo


    You fucking people are ridiculous, such venom directed at a man who was misguided and made a horrific mistake in society, but he paid the cost levied by this so called legal system, so let it go. Other men that you stand proud for and speak of greatly, have committed crimes far more atrocious, such as Slavery, rape and murder of people of color, mainly Blacks and the so called Indians.

    I’m talking about the so called founding fathers of this nation, I never seem to hear that same out cry from you so called compassionate people against these elected officials who give orders to kill innocent women and children of other nations, and the inner cities of this so called great nation….

    Hearing this outrage is very sickening, you people need to learn how to put things in perspective, and learn to forgive, like you ask Black people and the so called Indians to.

    • Avatar Of Truth Teller

      Truth teller


      Hello Jelani well said sound like someone that has knowledge of the authentic history of this land… Hint I’m still looking for the 1st white man last name WASHINGTON. I see the emphasis on so called Indians and so called legal system. Keep preaching….

  6. Avatar Of Mila Long

    Mila Long


    Why is this moron allowed to have his children live with him. He has demonstrated he is an unfit human. I would be ashamed to say he was my father if I was one of his kids. I hope this attitude of his is not genetic. The world would be a better place without him.

  7. Avatar Of Ann ann says:

    If he hadn’t been allowed to return to football, and be a “role model” for easily influenced kids, gotten his sponsorships back and all his “glory”, I might agree (reluctantly) he paid his dues. But he is now back where he was, making more money than anyone needs, and allowed to own dogs again. So basically there was no long time consequences as there are for other criminals. He can say “see, crime does pay for some of us!”

  8. Avatar Of Nick



    Yes Vick was very wrong in what he did and he did his time. But on the other hand no one seems to know that wide reciever Dante Stallworth ran over and killed a man with a wife and three children and served only 30 days in jail and he was drunk. Where are all the activist when things like this happen. So if Stallworth can serve 30 days and all be forgiven and swept under the rug then people should leave Vick alone. What do you people want him to do cry and beg for a dog hell I hope he gets a cat.

    • Avatar Of Anderly



      That is the exact point I just made in my comment.. I mean it’s ridiculous. People care about dogs more than they care about their fellow humans.
      PS: I do not support dog fighting.

  9. Avatar Of Vick Supporter

    Vick Supporter


    Where is your outrage when people do not spend time for the wrongs they have committed against humans.

  10. Avatar Of Acea



    I elieve the man has paid his debt to society. I am ashamed of his actions, downright disgusted, but for those of you who do not understand forgiveness, remember that your children will also be living in this world and making mistakes in it as well. Most of them will not be the size of his mistake, and the mistake he made he will have to try to be a better person for the rest of his life. It will be a lifetime of doing right and walking the right path for him but i believe he can and for those of you who do not think he deserves a second chance i say you are not a realistic person nor are you someone i would care to know because obviously you are no where near a christian. Be Christ like and pray that this man becomes a better human being. because in the end isnt that what we all want? to be forgiven, to be loved and to want those walking the wrong path to get on the right one?

  11. Avatar Of Permsy



    this a trashy stupid article. they made an example of him and he lost tons of money and garnered alot of hate. time served. get off his nuts u haterz. get a life and stop preying on others. dogs ARENT human. none of ya’ll get upset when obamas drone strikes kill innocent women and children… so i guess dogs are better than Arabs?
    stupid racsi

  12. Avatar Of Roland



    Come on people let it go,he done his time..

  13. Avatar Of Gustavo Velez

    gustavo velez



    p.s.nice pic BRYNN ANDERSON/AP

  14. Avatar Of Gustavo Velez

    gustavo velez


    BRANDI ARNOLD should be the one been boycotted for its bias views… shame on THE DOGINGTON POST for publishing this lunatic’s views… i am a loving proud owner of a pittbull… and a person who believes in forgiviness… when forgiveness is due… VICK has not only gained my respect… but more important, the respect of millions of law abiding citizens… i applaud the better written PRO-VICK comments prior to mine… read them BRANDI, get a grip… get a life!… and you all VICK hating lunatics… go do something productive to society… This whole thing should be an inspiration for those looking to better themself… dont we all have room to better ourselfs?… i do!
    p.s. dont let them discourage you Vick… you doing great.

  15. Avatar Of Mick



    why dont you fuck off and leave the bloke alone !!!

  16. Avatar Of Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel


    Brandy Arnold. You present your argument poorly and are very biased.

  17. Avatar Of T.r, Owen

    T.R, Owen


    There are far worse crimes in this world than animal abuse! What Vick did is wrong. But if most people ( I am not 1, I own a pit), 99% of American population see these animals as dangerous, viscious, and not good for aything but fighting, then why is it a felony to fight them? i don’t believe in dog fighting, and I would never fight my dog, but if my dog bites me, my wife or my daughter I will kill it. Animals, including dogs are NOT people, they are not children. Human life is always more important than an animals.

  18. Avatar Of Smitty Smith

    smitty smith


    Stupid article, he did his time. He grew up where dog fighting was okay. Now he knows the severity of it. He learned his lesson and I guarantee nothing bad will happen to this dog.

  19. Avatar Of Jay



    Sad that an NFL player that kills a man while drunk gets no jail time….but Vick does…something is wrong big time!!

  20. Avatar Of Tee



    I’m with you Ken, the closed mindedness of some of these posts are just as convicting as the crime once committed. How can people who have never spent a single hour in prison criticize someone who spent two years locked up as the very animals he harmed? There are bigger issues in the world than Michael Vick and the mistakes he has made. It’s truly disgusting that people can justify boycotting a person who has acknowledges he has done wrong, paid his debt to society, fell from grace, etc., when there are literally young children who can hardly talk around the world making the very T-shirts you wear around your hypocritical bodies… if you’re going to boycott for the sake of righteousness, maybe boycott the actual companies that allow inequalities to happen vs. the people who make up the brand (including Michael Vick).

  21. Avatar Of Ken



    He paid the price. He did the time. He lost tens of millions of dollars for his crime. What he makes of his life is now up to him. Get off your high horse and acknowledge that he did indeed lose through his actions. According to the law of this land, his debt is paid. Neither you nor anyone else has the right to deny him his rights according to the same laws which govern us all. I am a dog-lover and I decry his actions, but he was caught, and he paid dearly, so the slate is clean. Live in the present and put your efforts toward making life better for everyone, rather than hounding a man who has already done the time for his crime.

  22. Avatar Of Gabe



    You people are ridiculous! You sit here and waste all this time worried about a guy who spent two years in prison and lost millions of dollars for killing stupid animals. He didnt rape or molest a child, and he didnt murder a single human being or commit any type of ponzi scheme. Get off of the hate wagon and use your time to find all the child molesters that are released next door to you. Or find away to cure hunger in America and help the homeless. Some of you are truly pathetic and want to punish his kids for his crimes, well through the firs stone he/she who is without sin. I hope you sleep well at night on your loser doggy crusade. Racisism, that what this boils down to.

  23. Avatar Of Madmordigan



    Wow so many haters of vick…it is ridiculous. I understand yeah dogs are great an all..hell Ive had dogs my whole life and I dont care that micheal vick killed dogs..who gives sh@t?? I love micheal vick, I actually think he is a good role model..minus the dog stuff. cuz he’s actually not a bad person so I dont understand all the hate..its not like he’s going around being a moron. there are so many more important things that should be talked about and people are here crying about stopping micheal vick…stop him from what?? living his life after he paid his dues??

    • Avatar Of Lm Jones

      LM Jones


      Who really gives a shit about what happen, my questions to ALL of you; How many of you people hate this man so much for what he done to those dogs, went out a adopted one of those dogs for you and your kids? Also better yet, how many of you give to the families of people whom has been attacked by dogs?

  24. Avatar Of Brobeans



    Vick was “made an example of.” He was prosecuted multiple times harder for what he did then average joe down the street. That I find more rediculous almost than the crimes; the fact that our legal system can support someone “being made an example of” which he certainly was. Im as big a dog person as the next guy but you phuckers are lunatics.

  25. Avatar Of Brobeans



    Didnt realize killing an animal was considered “murder.” And the facts are spotty at best, both in the article and comments.

  26. Avatar Of James Mears

    James Mears


    First, Vick served 21 months in prison and 2 months in home confinement as a result of the dog fighting conviction. Arguing that the time wasn’t for animal cruelty is irrelevant. He lost everything, filed bankruptcy, and served nearly 2 years in prison for crimes against dogs. This happened 45 years ago and you are still harping about it? Maybe you can spend some time focusing on real cruelty issues that you can have an effect on and prevent further cruelty rather than beating a dead dog.

    • Avatar Of James Mears

      James Mears


      4 years ago not 45 LOL. And you people need to drink a beer or watch a comedy flick. Reading these comments is revealing to me of people who care more about dogs than people. I love animals, but you people are fundamentalist terror types in my view.

      • Avatar Of Newkrum



        I think you should have actually witnessed what these dogs went through. Then possibly you would not be so willing to let bygones be bygones.

  27. Vice should of done more time in jail , a year for each dog that was killed & tortured. The Eagles should have fired his ass. People like him should never be allowed to have an animal. In away it doesn’t say to much for the American why when someone like him ends up un harmed & the dogs scared for life the ones that lived

  28. Avatar Of Bill



    You can put an adult aged person in prison for a crime, but they remain basically the same person. The only reason their behavior changes is because they got caught, not because they are a different person.

    Michael Vick was a cold blooded murderer of helpless animals, and enjoyed it. He had absolute power over other living creatures and you saw how he behaved. Those activities say something about his mindset toward the world and should not be rewarded. He paid some time yes, but only after it was discovered he was lying at every turn to cover his activities.

    Remorse? Well, there are potential millions in future salary for him and based on past behavior, it’s not surprising he would be so sorry about the past and say whatever is necessary and hope everyone would forget about it.
    For footballers to play on the same field with him shows the lack of standards and morality in many people today. Money rules.

  29. Avatar Of Pam



    I saw a video of Vick at some PR event, where he snubbed a man who had adopted one of the rehabilitated pibbles from Vick’s kennel, Bad Newz. It was obvious he didn’t care at all about what happened to any of those dogs! He’s a total ingrate. He should never be allowed children or any animal again.

  30. Avatar Of Diane Diane says:

    Vick should not ever be allowed to have any kind of dog in his possion at all. I read the book Lost Dogs, and allot of the articles about what Vick did those dogs. All I can say is this man is sick and he does not deserve to the luxury of life of what he put those dogs through. Those dogs that made it through the horror have allot of surving to do. I hope Vick is paying for there comfort.

  31. Avatar Of Susan



    He is only sorry because he got caught. NIKE should be boycotted for having anything to do with him. I would not allow this nam near any animal let alone a child. What sentence?
    If it was up to me, people like him and he himself, would no longer be around to breed and steal the air around them.
    My contempt for him and cowards like thim will always be strong. The same as my love and sadness for the animals he abused.

  32. Avatar Of Lynda Ward Lynda Ward says:

    Speaking as a retired caseworker who spent many years working in Child Protective Services, I can say that not only does it frighten me that Michael Vick wants to get a dog for his childres, it frightens me that he HAS children. Reliable reporting (especially The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant of Sports Illustrated) revealed that low-performing dogs at the Vick kennels (and there were apparently many) were not just eliminated, but brutally killed….drowned with their heads in water buckets, strangled by hanging, electrocuted, slammed repeatedly into the ground….often by Vick himself. The dogs who lived were treated with a disregard for decency that is truly appalling. That a man in the position he occupied at this time chose to own a dogfighting kennel AND RUN IT HIMSELF says to me that there is some serious dysfunction here. How could we want to watch this man do anything, no matter how well he does it?

  33. Avatar Of Debra Brown

    Debra Brown


    Hell no keep this low life away from animals hell he dont need near kids either he could do a child the same way as he has dogs the video was frighting on what he did .I will boycot this person

  34. Avatar Of Debra Brown

    Debra Brown


    Hell no this low life has no right to step near a dog or anything that breathes i will boycot this man

  35. Avatar Of Judi Darcy

    Judi Darcy


    To anyone who feels that Michael Vick paid his dues, please read the book about the dogs rescued from his kennel – The Lost Dogs. If you feel it will be too distressing to read because of the cruelty to the dogs, there is only extremely short description of how one of the dogs was killed, the rest is truly inspirational. I have mixed feelings about Vick’s family being allowed to have a dog – every child should know the true love and connection of a beloved pet. However, leaving an animal in Vick’s ultimate care is chancy at best. Perhaps he and his family should perform community service in shelters and be educated on proper care and treatment of animals before being allowed to have another pet in their home.

    • Avatar Of Melody Melody says:

      I read this book too and cried through some of it. If you ever thought that Michael Vick just made some “bad” decisions then just read Lost Dogs. this man was and might still be a monster.. yeah.. he went to prison.. he’s paid his dues (or so they say) but never ever let this man own another dog!

  36. At first I felt like he had paid his dues….You know 2nd chance sort of thing….Then you see the dogs that were abused…I can’t get over the sad eyes…..

  37. Avatar Of Mary Williams

    Mary Williams


    I have created a petition to ask Piers Morgan to give equal time to the dogs that survived the hell hole that Michael Vick was mayor of. Their voices and their survival need to be heard – They don’t have publicists to make them come across as “redeemed” but that they are…they ARE the story and a very good one at that!

    here is the URL to the petition…if clicking on it doesn’t get you there..copy and paste it and go…give the dogs their voice!

  38. Avatar Of Jimbo Paleo Jimbo Paleo says:

    I am on the side of forgiving people once they have served their debt to society….

    But tha’ts just my take on it

  39. Avatar Of Ralph



    Way to go Tammy!

  40. Avatar Of Emma Cable

    Emma Cable


    BOYCOTT Michael Vick

  41. Avatar Of Tammy Gordon

    Tammy Gordon


    We have started a new Group on Facebook called International Society Against Vick Endorsements (ISAVE). At present, we are a small but dedicated group that intends to educate companies, sponsors and supporters of Michael Vick regarding his illegal activities. We also intend to ask them to end their association with Vick. If they are not willing to do that, then we will boycott them as long as they continue their association. If you are interested in joining our group, please follow (and share) this link:

    • Avatar Of Susan



      Hi Tammy..I am trying to access it but I cannot. I have started a war against this coward as well…If there is any justice, he should never have been allowed to have kids..would you leave a small child in the hands of someone who could be so cruel to an animal? NO.

  42. Avatar Of Kristi Thorpe

    Kristi Thorpe


    Most likely he already taught his kids to abuse animals also, so It would be a deadly situation for any dog he owns. I hate to even think about it!!

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