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6 Tips On Preventing and Stopping Household Dog Fights

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When tensions arise, the dogs fight. 

Dogs fight for a variety of reasons. When threatened, some dogs will attack to scare the other dog away. Other reasons include the protection of territory, toys, or food. The effects of a dog fight can be so serious that the best approach to it is prevention. Learn how to interpret your dog’s body language to identify stress-related behaviors.

Preventing them is better than having to put a stop to them after they have started. There are steps you can take to reduce the chance of fights, which we’ll talk about in this blog.

Limit Rough Play

Tip #1: Limit Rough Play

Don’t let a dog mount another or pin another too roughly. Even chasing games can get intense when one dog catches up to another. Additionally, the dog being chased could get into a fight. A reliable recall is essential. So, if you notice that the situation is getting out of hand, end the play and call each dog. Then, praise them and give each a treat for coming to you. 

Before allowing the dogs to play once again, let them calm down first. If they have played the game long enough and are growing tired, redirect them to something else to do. Dogs that are too tired will be more anxious and more inclined to fight as a result.


Tip #2: Exercise

Most dogs may feel the desire to release energy if they are inactive for a long period of time. And dogs are naturally energetic animals, which is why exercise is effective in reducing aggression. Before letting two dogs play with one another, make sure they’ve done enough physical activity.

Own Space For Each

Tip #3: Let Them Have Their Space

Dogs can get into fights when walking together. The sights and sounds around them can cause great excitement and tension. Then, some dogs aim their aggression toward one another. You may either have two individuals walk them apart at a safe distance, or you can have them walk together. 

When it comes to eating, most dog owners who have more than one dog have a system in place to prevent one dog from stealing food from the other dogs. The majority of issues arise when one dog starts bullying the other since they finished first. The best way to prevent dog conflicts within the home is to use individual food bowls for feeding.

But even then, your dog could get into a dog fight despite your best efforts at prevention. And how can a dog fight be stopped safely? This brings us to the next tip.

Use An Object To Separate Them

Tip #4: Use An Object To Separate Them

To separate the dogs, use an object. Make sure to keep your hands and face as far away from the dogs’ mouths as you can. You may use a chair, a metal garbage can lid, or a large push broom as alternatives. You may even attempt to get each dog into a laundry basket or other container that you can drop from above. Throwing a blanket or any piece of clothing can also help. Some dogs will stop fighting if they can’t see the other dog and it causes them to separate. Spraying them with water could also help to break them up. Alternatively, spray the dogs’ faces with vinegar, lemon, or citronella spray.

Make A Loud Noise

Tip #5: Make A Loud Noise

Try making a loud noise, such as blowing an air horn or hitting two metal pot lids against one another. They will be distracted and the dogs will split up if you make a big noise. However, it is less likely to work in violent fights. Screaming and shouting at the dogs typically has the opposite result, escalating the situation.

Physically Separate Them

Tip #6: Physically Separate Them

The incorrect use of this technique to break up a dogfight might be the most dangerous. To avoid getting bitten even by your own dog, never attempt to grab the collar or head of two fighting dogs or get in the middle of their fight. You can utilize the wheelbarrow method if you have assistance from others. Each dog has a person assigned to it who approaches it from behind. Next, pull each dog by its hind legs until it is standing like a wheelbarrow on its front legs. The dogs should then be led backward into separate locations while moving apart. To avoid your dog turning around and biting you, keep moving until the dogs are separated.

There you have it. Seeing our fur babies fight each other can be one of the scariest and traumatizing experiences, so be sure to follow these tips!

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