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Four-Legged Hero Saves Missing Toddler

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When 2-year old Australian toddler, Dante Berry, and his family’s German Shepherd Dasher went missing, a search party over 100 people strong, including police and volunteers set out to find the pair.

When rescuers followed a path near the boy’s home in Australia, thick with brush, they found the boy’s discarded diaper as a clue that they were headed in the right direction.

More than 12 hours after Dante’s disappearance, rescuers were met by Dasher, who led them to the boy, nearly 2.5 miles away from their home.

Though he’d spent the night outdoors, during severe thunderstorms, with only his dog to keep him safe and warm, Dante was alive, only wearing a t-shirt, with only mild dehydration and mild hypothermia when he was rescued. Police are investigating how the boy was able to disappear from his home undetected.

If not for Dasher, the heroic German Shepherd by his side, there’s simply no telling what the boy’s fate may have been.

Four Legged Hero Saves Missing Toddler The Dogington Post

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. So many stories about our furry friend after Sandy pass 19 states. It is one time proof our 4 legs friend loyal to us and ready when we need them
    Thanks to all of them

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