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Freddy the Great Dane Named ‘Tallest Dog in the World’

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Via Freddy The Great-Great Dane/Facebook
via Freddy the Great-Great Dane/Facebook

Guinness World Records has officially declared “Freddy,” a Great Dane, as the “Tallest Living Dog in the World”. Freddy is almost eight feet tall when he stands on his hind legs and weighs a whopping 196 pounds! Although the determination was made in September, the news was kept under wraps until now when it was made public.

Freddy’s human Claire Stoneman, who cares for both Freddy and his sister Fleur, said she didn’t realize Freddy was going to be so big, especially since he was the runt of the litter. Claire spends about 12,500 pounds (about $15,500) each year to feed the behemoth-sized dog whose favorite snack is an entire roasted chicken.

Just behind Freddy in size, a Florida Great Dane named Lizzy was awarded the honor of World’s Tallest Female Dog. Lizzy is so tall, has to eat her food from a bowl that sits on a chair as she cannot reach the floor, and her water bowl has to stay in the garage because she makes such a mess! Her owner, Greg, says Lizzy is a gentle giant and very sociable – he puts this down to her spending much of her life surrounded by cats and two tiny pet terriers.

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