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French Bulldog Left For Dead in Petco Restroom

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At closing time on Sunday evening, Pittsford, NY Petco store employees found a French Bulldog abandoned and left for dead in the pet supercenter’s customer restroom.

The tiny, malnourished dog, who appears to be between 4 and 6 years old, was left inside a bag, sitting in his own vomit and urine, and abandoned on the floor of the store’s bathroom. It appears that the poor dog was neglected for many months, possibly even years.

Employees immediately contacted local rescue organization Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets (GRASP). Intake Coordinator Karla Barkley came to pick the dog up. She named the sick, neglected dog Pierre, and is nursing him back to health.

WHAM 13 News reported,

No one knows what Pierre’s story is. Barkely says Petco did not have video surveillance to show who brought Pierre into the store. Also, the day he was abandoned, the store was extremely busy because there was an adoption event going on.

Barkley is angry that someone would abandon their dog in such a heartless way. She told reporters, “That person did not use the resources that were available to them as far as trying to take him to a shelter or finding a home for him.”

Despite everything he’s been through, Pierre is friendly and loving. He is finally getting the care he needs and will eventually find a loving forever home.

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  1. Avatar Of Geralyn Mott

    geralyn mott


    stop and consider … there are many possible ‘backstories’ here … perhaps someone ‘took’ their neighbor’s abused dog (i.e., stole it). but couldn’t care for him themselves and wasn’t sure where to get it help but didn’t want to get blamed for his condition, and a PetCo during an adoption event would be a good place to leave him … he was sure to be found, and he was … there are a lot WORSE things this person could have done, such as drop him off in the woods, in a parkinglot, beside a highway. at least a little thought went into the dog’s welfare. i hope Pierre finds himself a good home soon.

  2. Avatar Of Carolyn



    Some of the posted comments are so sick/stupid. I hope none of you are pet owners. Has anyone thought this was God’s intervention? Hopefully this little guy will have the care and love all God’s creatures deserve.

  3. Avatar Of Valerie



    I have rescued a great many animals and all have different reason/excuses why these animals are neglected. I recently rescinded a French Bulldog who was owned by a wealthy bank vice president who had kept this little guy caged for so long his back and back legs are so damaged that he will forever have a limp and be unable to use his lower half for support. It took 3 months of negotiation to get him but I finally did. Louis is great now, I couldn’t bring myself to adopt him out so, much to my poor husband’s dismay, he became a part of our family. I am now mother to the king, as our kids say, all hail King Louis!

  4. People who do things like this deserve anything bad which comes their way. Perhaps THEY should be handed over to PETA, then they would be destroyed quickly too.

  5. Avatar Of Wayne Fenwick

    Wayne Fenwick


    Sorry , guess I should have read more of the comments before submitting my comment, it seems that quite a few people expressed this same idea.

  6. Avatar Of Wayne Fenwick

    Wayne Fenwick


    Did anyone consider that the dog was sick and the owner couldn’t afford a vet, so they took him to a place where they knew he would get help.

  7. Avatar Of Nancy Reis

    Nancy Reis


    The owner of this poor dog should be euthanized!

  8. Avatar Of Ms



    Thank you, Ray, whoever you are, for making me laugh today. :0)

    I vote for severe punishment to any one engaging in animal abuse. Label convicted animal abusers searchable like sex abusers publicly for starters.


    • Avatar Of Mia



      There are French Bulldog Rescue groups that have many affordable babies. In New York (and I would guess many large cities), especially, there are many needing homes.

  10. Avatar Of Paul



    Well that’s one way of getting rid of a dog effortlessly

  11. I will take Pierre in a moment if you can get him to me!!!!!

  12. Avatar Of Scott Keller

    Scott Keller


    All of you who are condemning the person who left Pierre without knowing the circumstances should be ashamed of yourselves. It could just as easily been a very caring person who brought him to the one place they knew someone would find him and he would give him the care he needed to survive. Their own life circumstances could have changed since owning him to the point of them not being able to care for themselves let alone be able to feed and care for Pierre. Shelters do not make it easy to bring in a beloved pet. Too many kill shelters out there. In dropping him at the one place where all working there love pets, I see a someone in desperation, hoping to give the pet they love a better life, and not being to embarrassed to face the people they are going to be asking to care for their dog If he had been found in a dumpster it would have been a different story. He was dropped at a place where people who love pets are in abundance and on a day an adoption event was going on. All who condemn this person without knowing should be ashamed of yourselves. Till you walk in their shoes. I wish all the best for Pierre and thank all those people who are there for him.

  13. Avatar Of Robin Vogel

    Robin Vogel


    God must have been keeping Pierre alive long enough for him to be saved and kept alive to find a permanent home. Whoever owned him should suffer the same horrific treatment poor Pierre suffered–without the benefit of being rescued. It sickens me how people can do such things to helpless animals when there are alternatives!

    I hope Pierre finds a loving, permanent home where he will know nothing but snuggles, petting, good food and endless love. He has certainly earned it.

    I wish you nothing but joy, Pierre!

  14. Avatar Of Deann O

    DeAnn O


    This is sad and awful, but they could have done much worse. At least they didn’t drive out in the country and dump the poor little dog along the side of the road. We had that happen a lot when we lived out in the country. I feel sorry for the dogs. At least this messed up owner left the dog where it would be found and it wasn’t left to starve to death. I’m glad the dog will get some help and hopefully, a better home some day.

  15. Avatar Of Dantelibra



    What’s worse? The knowledge that there are people who actually think the dog was IN the bathroom for months, or knowing most of those same people have a license & are right next to you @ 70mph on the highway….oh, and they get to help pick the president! Good luck America….

  16. Avatar Of The Dude

    The Dude


    Wait, Why is it ok to leave a baby that you can not take care of at a fire department or hospital, but leaving a DOG at a pet store is an issue ? What the f### is wrong with this country.

  17. Avatar Of Aninmal Lover

    Aninmal Lover


    I congratulate Pierre’s former owner for not taking Pierre to Animal Control where he would have been killed immediately . After all peta kills 85% of the animals it takes in. Do your research.

    They could have dropped him in a dumpster or shoved him out of the car.

    Instead they dropped him off in a place where he would be loved and cared for. Right ?

    And yes, they could have cared for him properly, but we don’t know the reasons.

  18. Avatar Of Pet Lover

    Pet Lover


    I congratulate Pierre’s former owner for not taking Pierre to Animal Control where he would have been killed immediately . After all peta kills 85% of the animals it takes in. Do your research.

    They could have dropped him in a dumpster or shoved him out of the car.

    Instead they dropped him off in a place where he would be loved and cared for. Right ?

    And yes, they could have cared for him properly, but we don’t know the reasons.

  19. Avatar Of True



    As horrible as this is, and I am not ok with people harming animals in any way, they could have left him in their back yard to die or shot him… glad they finally came to their “senses” and did SOMETHING. Rather than read in another week or two “Dog dead from abuse”. Just my 2 cents. Again, definitely not cool to begin with but it could have been worse. Makes me sick either way.

    • Avatar Of Concerned 4 Pets

      Concerned 4 Pets


      People attempt to submit sick/wounded/neglected animals to Petco adoptions in ignorance more than anything – not knowing what to do in certain cases. Petco is not a rescue organization and requires all animals to be in excellent health before considering receiving for placement. Perhaps someone may have tried to submit, was rejected, then left the animal where someone would find it instead of taking it where it could be properly cared for. Sounds like they didn’t want to pay for this animal’s care. Who really knows?

  20. Avatar Of Brenda



    This was a Petco store, they should have cameras! The authorities will be able to figure out who had that bag and make an arrest soon!
    I hope they throw the book at that person!!!
    But, believe it or not, lots of animals are “Dumped” off at the Petco stores all the time!! I know first hand! I have a cat that was dumped off at a Petco store!! She was about 7 months old, pregnant and severely emaciated!!
    I took her home, did everything I could to fatten her up and get her healthy before her babies were born. She had 4 babies but only one little female survived. I still have them both!! It’s been 4 years now and she is happy, healthy and full of vim and vigor!!!

  21. Avatar Of Michele



    Since noone knows the circumstances leading to this poor baby ending up in the Petco employees restroom, it would be best, I think that people restrain giving their opinions! Could it be someone found this little baby abandonned in need of help, but was homeless and couldn’t assist the dog in any other way but taking it to Petco?

  22. Avatar Of Anne



    Sweet baby boy…I think about all these babies that folks can’t take care of & I want to offer help, but the only think I know to do is go home & love my 4 dogs that were literally rescues that I picked up from the streets of Detroit. They never made a sound, just jumped their dirty little bodies into my van & became mine. They’ve all been checked out, spayed & neutered and are the best “peeps” a mom could have. Always keepin’ my eyes out for those animals in need….I hope Pierre has found a home & I am going to sure hope his original owner didn’t mean to be cruel or neglectful – Petco was the best & safest choice I’m sure. Happy Valentines day everyone!

    • Avatar Of Caliope



      Bless you.. Detroit is so rough for the dogs on the street, and they needed you and you were there. Its good to know there are people like you. I hope they will live long and healthy lives…

  23. Avatar Of Amygoodall



    OK, I love dogs and hate it when they are abused or neglected, but enough spewing of fire and brimstone. The owner was obviously at least self-aware enough to be embarrassed about the condition of the dog, and had at least had enough of a scrap of decency to leave it at a PetCo (rather than by the side of the road). The dog is now with much kinder people. Let’s at least be thankful for THAT.

    • Avatar Of Theresa Milburn

      theresa Milburn


      Lets all be thankfull this dog was left where someone was going to find it. I agree the owners should not of neglected this poor dog but at least he is now safe and getting the help he needs

  24. Avatar Of K



    So quick to judge, everyone is… they absolutely wanted him found because they obviously did not have the means to help him. I have turned to our local Humane Society for assistance in the past, and they wanted a lot of money and would not help. We do not know what the whole story is, but I give the owner credit for not dumping him on the side of the road or in a dumpster, or just letting him die at home; instead he/she took him somewhere where they knew the dog would be found and at least have a chance. God Bless them!

  25. Avatar Of Linda



    While this is awful, it could have been SOOO much WORSE. The owner WANTED the dog FOUND, why else would it be left in a pet store ?. The neglect is sad, but if owner was elderly and overwhelmed, understandable. However there is no reason why they could not have reached out UNLESS like many rescues where I am, they tried and were turned away, being told there was no place for the dog. This seemed their only option to get the dog HELP. I do Potbelly Pig rescue, and unindated with calls from those turned down by the bigger more known ‘rescues’. So I KNOW what happens. Better he was left there, than placed in a box and thrown in a dumpster or at the dump to starve to death. Be thankful they had that compassion to make sure he was FOUND.

    • Avatar Of David



      I think Linda has it right. Some people can just get overwhelmed and can’t think clearly. Show a little compassion, anger doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself.

      • Avatar Of Judith Judith says:

        While I agree that the cowardly owner was dumping the dog because he/she/it couldn’t take care of him, I have no sympathy for him/her/it due to the condition of the dog when found. Obviously been neglected for a very long time. No one who has ever loved an animal would be such a dick.

        • Avatar Of Angie



          We don’t that the person who left the dog there was the dog’s owner, or had been aware of the dog being neglected until very recently. This could be a dog that was rescued by a neighbor or relative from the home of an elderly person who was recently hospitalized or moved to a nursing home, or by a neighbor from an abandoned home, or by neighbor from a home occupied by violent people, etc. There can be many reasons why somebody would want to make sure an abused/neglected animal gets help without identifying themselves and/or the animal’s owner. It would be pretty unusual for the same person to abuse/neglect an animal for months, and then make sure to leave it someplace where it would be found promptly and get help.

    • Avatar Of Vicky



      I agree with you! This dog was left there to be found.

    • Avatar Of Mamasharon



      I think any abuse of animals is reprehensible! I’m elderly and where I live there are no resources for help with your pet. I’ve gone without food, to get medical care for my pet when everyone I called turned me down for help. Was told there was no place in my area that would work with me in making payments or charging me according to my income. Some were very rude and I was told if you can’t afford to pay for it, you shouldn’t have the pet. Take it to be put to sleep at animal control. Then I got the worse treatment from a vets office. I paid 170 dollars and couldn’t afford the antibiotics for the ear infection, they charge almost 50 dollars and online I can get it for around 20 and the vet refused to give me a prescription that I would need to order online. And another thing, this was a stray that I took in that is now my furbaby. He was injured when he showed up at my door. His previous owners had dumped him because of his injury too!!

      • Avatar Of Marie



        Vet care is very expensive, but we have one vet here in Texas who gives discounts to elderly folks, and people who have rescued an animal.
        Another vet here takes care of stray cats, spay and neuter and lets the person pay small amounts at a time on a rather large bill. Keep looking, there are vets who will work with you. Good luck!

      • Avatar Of Angie



        MamaSharon: In many states it’s illegal for a vet to refuse to write a prescription instead of selling the medication directly, and in most other states it’s regarded as unethical/unprofessional practice by the state veterinary board. This site probably doesn’t allow posting of URL links, but google (copy everything inside the arrows into the search box), and you’ll get to a page of the American Veterinary Medical Association which gives specific information about each state’s laws and regulations. Look up your state, and if your vet was in violation of state laws or regulations, or of the state veterinary board’s ethics rules, report that vet to your state veterinary board!

  26. Avatar Of Michelle



    To the people who think the dog was left in the bathroom for months, it would appear that the dog was neglected for months somewhere else and then the owner decided to stick him in a bag, bring it to Petco, and leave it in the bathroom. A bag would have been noticed by someone cleaning the bathroom. The good news is that Pierre is receiving the care he needs and will hopefully find a good home.

    • Avatar Of Kapismomma



      yes, i agree these animal abusers need so much more punishment than the law gives them but in reality, this person could have thrown the bag in a dumpster & we never would have known the pup was there. i think this person(low mentality) thought somebody would find him soon. at least, i hope that is true. it looks like the dog was not fed,and that tells me,somebody could not afford him, but yes, too many options that would have been better. i feel for him, also for the owner, who evidently doesn’t have a very high iq.

  27. Avatar Of Ellyn Jones

    Ellyn Jones


    How did they know he was French?

  28. Avatar Of Toni



    they could have called the french bulldog club. they will rescue and rehome, not to mention how expensive a frenchie is.

  29. Avatar Of Karen



    I find people that do these sort of things that there are not enough vile and despacible words in the english language to desribe them… If you are unable to care for the dog there are other people that will help, I am not talking about shelters because everytime you call a shelter they say they are full and can’t take the animal… but for gods sake you can find someone if you try hard enough.. there are orginizations all over the world that would help… there is just no excuse for this person neglectng the animal for that long… I do hope there is a special place underground for these type of people… I am kind of leaning toward the idea of tieing them to a tree with a very short rope with no food and water for months.but I really dont think that would teach the kind of lesson we think it would I think unfortunately these type of people have no heart or soul and are incapable of understanding the cruelty. does the petco have instore camera’s?? if so then they can maybe see who might have walked in carrying the bag… and put this person behind bars where they can do no more harm to our precious furry friends!!

    • De what we do in Texas. Late at night we have some volunteers who have veterinary surgical expertise. We find the previous owners of abused animals. We take the owners to a private place where we park the windowless van. Then we spay and neuter the previous owner. We do both operations just in case the previous owner is a LABGOAPDLDDH, in transition, or re-reverse-transition or whatever.

      • Avatar Of Barbara Koch

        Barbara Koch


        I wholeheartedly agree with neutering and spaying humans. I work with a volunteer cat rescue, and proudly display those sentiments. Just neuter and spay, but anyone who knows me, knows it goes far beyond animals. Am beginning to have litle disregard for many humans, if that’s what they have to be called.

  30. Avatar Of Non Of Your Business

    Non of Your Business


    left in the bathroom for months? does nobody go in the Petco bathroom? im sure somebody seen that poor fucking dog. does the employees not clean the bathroom? are they stupid? some employee had to have wondered “hmm, this bag has been here for a while, let me take that out.” No? my stupid thought i guess…..

    • Avatar Of Tony



      the dog wasn’t left in the bathroom for months – it was neglected or months.

    • Avatar Of Mommyoftwofurbabies



      Yes, it is YOUR stupid thought. Read the article clearly, and uderstand what you are reading, before giving a lame comment!, and MUCH LOVE to litle Pierre! Owners ned to be treated as parents would. What would happen if a human left a baby in a ba, neglected for months, in a batroom???? Certainlynot a 50$ fine!! I hope all animal ausers rot in hell!!!!

  31. Avatar Of Kellie Kellie says:

    Poor Dog, Hope they find this person who would do this to a Dog, any Dog…Should be left the same way or better yet ~SHOT~

    • I have to agree with this! Anyone who is in a PET SUPPLY STORE could have asked the owners for help! There is always help, if someone will only ask! I would like to tie all abusers to a tree with a VERY short rope, and leave them there all alone with no food and water for a month. See how they like it! And Michael Vick will go to hell!!!

      • Avatar Of Theresa Logan

        Theresa Logan



        I will help you tie them to a tree, better yet, just lock them in a room with me for 2 minutes……my rage about animal abuse will make them stop breathing.

        I almost got arrested for making a scene in the neighborhood, but we were able to save nine poodles from a very abusive situation, they all got loving homes…….

        My boyfriend was the police officer at the scene, gee, wonder why he broke up with me? He said I was the talk of the precinct the next day.



      • Avatar Of Kyla Kyla says:

        Not to mention, if there was an adoption event in progress, that means there were volunteers from local rescues right there! Breed rescue volunteers, by and large, know just about every other rescue in town. If there were no French Bulldog-specific rescues there, whoever was there could have hooked the owner up with a Frenchie rescue or an all-breed rescue in the area, and might well have taken the dog right then to make sure it got safely to the appropriate rescue. I work with a breed-specific rescue but we’ve taken in other breeds temporarily in order to get the dog into a safe place, and make sure it really did make it to the right rescue instead of being dumped by an uncaring and impatient owner.

  32. Avatar Of Katrinab



    Poor little guy … huamns suck ad hope that they find te cum that did this.. At least now he will be well taken care of . Love to you little guy….

  33. Avatar Of Steve Cain

    Steve Cain


    Poor little Pierre. Stories of abandoned/neglected animals make me so sad. I’d have taken him in a heartbeat. Much love to you little guy. 🙂

  34. Avatar Of Kathryn Holt

    Kathryn Holt


    Ms Barkley should have just named him “Barkley” instead of Pierre.

  35. Avatar Of Donelle Dewitt

    Donelle DeWitt


    I hope the person who abandoned Pierre is found and is made to experience the misery they put him through. The woman speaking in the video is too kind to say the person couldn’t find proper resources. There are lots of places for lame, heartless people to abandon their pets where the pet can get immediate attention.

  36. Avatar Of Asenia Mcconnell

    Asenia McConnell


    This just makes me sick and sad….I can’t imagine this being done to any animal…I wish Pierre and full and speedy recovery….and to the person who abused him, you should be ashamed of yourself….I hope he gets a proper home for life….Kisses and Hugs Pierre

    Asenia and “Koopyr”

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