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Weekly Roundup: Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (May 22)

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Welcome to the Dogington Post’s “The Weekly Roundup” where we scour the internet for the funniest posts about our furry friends.

This week, we present you funny dog posts from May 14 to May 20 that will paws-itively make you through the rest of the week!

If you’re having a ruff day, then these posts will surely have you barking in joy.

When you grew up with dogs and know exactly why the dog is not eating her food:

When this person made an excellent point:

When he ABSOLUTELY loves doggy school:

When you build cool masks on your gate for all your doggos:

When he needs his emotional support owl at all times:

When your dog takes horse racing seriously:

When you just have to stop mid-walk to take photos of your good girls and boys:

When your confidence level is portrayed accurately with Doge memes:

When he forgets “how to dog”:


When she has airplane ears:

When he’s mysteriously afraid of a K-Pop idol:

When you see two dogs fighting and all you can say is “damn”:


When he can’t stop thinking about pancakes:

When she shows you a glimpse of the next Bird Box movie:

When your hooman reads a fake email to bamboozle you:


When she is an ambitious dog:


When you get a dog and you discover she is actually a little fluffy lightning bolt:


You didn’t think her little feet could move so fast huh? 🙃 #dog #pomeranian #fyp

♬ Pretty Girl Era – LU KALA

When the Tai Chi paw-lice gets jailed:

When you try to plant a tree but you own Pugs:


If you just can’t get enough of our weekly roundup, you can check out last week’s batch of posts!

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