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Georgia Police Dog Dies in Officer’s Hot Patrol Car

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A Conyers, Georgia police dog died after being left for nearly 10 hours in his officer handler’s hot patrol car.

Zane, A 5-Year Old Bloodhound, Had Been With The Conyers Police Department For 4 Years. Image Via Cpd.
Zane, a 5-year old Bloodhound, had been with the Conyers Police Department for 4 years. Image via CPD.

Zane, a 5-year old Bloodhound, had been with the Conyers Police for 4 years as a tracking dog. For the past 3 years, he’d been cared for and living with police officer Jerahmy Williams.

When Williams’ shift ended around 6am on Thursday morning, he drove home, with Zane in the car, and fell asleep. He reportedly thought he’d put Zane in his kennel before laying down.

Ten hours later, he realized Zane was still in the car. He had died from apparent heat exhaustion.

Police Chief Gene Wilson believes this was a tragic accident.

Williams has been placed on administrative leave, with pay, while an investigation is underway. If found guilty, he could face charges of reckless conduct and cruelty to animals.

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  1. Avatar Of Karl King Karl King says:

    This is horrible. I can’t believe people can be this careless, it just bothers me that there is even an investigation in the first place. There is no excusing what happened. I’m sure the police officer feels bad or guilty about what he did, but that doesn’t make it okay. I just hope the attention that this case brings will show others how big an issue this is.

  2. Avatar Of Karl King Karl King says:

    There should be no investigation, it’s an open and shut case. I hate to say it but if he wasn’t a police officer, there would be no doubt that what he did was wrong and horrific. I think everyone here would agree that there is no excusing it. I’m sure he feels bad about what happened, but that doesn’t make it okay.

  3. Avatar Of Janice Wilson

    Janice Wilson


    Zane was left in a car. Zane is dead. No investigation needed. The laws written against this kind of human behavior are not written to exempt those who “forgot” or “made a terrible mistake” or for any other reason. Almost 100% of people who kill their dogs in this manner say these things to assuage their guilt. Leaving an animal to freeze or cook in a vehicle is illegal in most states. Sorry for his loss, sure, but more sorry for Zane who lost his well-educated, exemplary life as a police officer who trusted his caretaker to have a brain. No excuses. The cruelty charges should stick. I hope it is a felony charge in Georgia. Shame on Officer Williams for not being capable of keeping a dog alive. I hope he is not as forgetful or irresponsible in his duties regarding humans in his care. Too bad he was so tired. I bet Zane was tired, too.

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