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Police K9 Dies After Being Left in Hot Patrol Car

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K9 Officer Mason. Photo Via Gulf Shores Police.
K9 Officer Mason. Photo via Gulf Shores Police.

A 3-year old police K-9 with the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama is dead after a tragedy that could easily have been avoided.

The dog, a Yellow Lab named Mason, and his handler had attended a hurricane preparation conference in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Thursday.

After the conference, Corporal Josh Coleman simply forgot that Mason was in the backseat of the patrol car and left him there.

It wasn’t until several hours later that Coleman realized his K9 partner was missing and found him in distress in the back of his patrol car. Mason was rushed to a veterinarian, but passed away on Friday evening.

Corporal Coleman will not face criminal charges.

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  1. I’m sorry as well and I’m sure that Mr. Coleman is no monster. How to you forget that a living beautiful creature is in your car? Neglect in the highest form. He wanted to have a few drinks ,get laid, what? There is no excuse for this mans actions. he should never be allowed to handle another animal ever.

  2. If not charged, I hope he is never given the responsibility of handling a K-9 again.

  3. Avatar Of Ruthless



    I’m sorry…..as traumatized as I’m sure this officer feels, he absolutely MUST face charges of animal cruelty the same as any other citizen. His entire job was to partner with this member of the police force and through negligence, he killed him. Not only was this animal cruelty, it was abandonment of his job responsibilities!
    I’m certain he’s not a mean-hearted man but must be held responsible for the tragic death of his partner.

  4. Avatar Of Ruthless



    This officer, as traumatized as he probably is after what he did, MUST face criminal charges of animal cruelty just like any other citizen and maybe even more as he killed a member of the police force through negligence. His entire job was to partner with this life that he’s cut short.

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