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GIVEAWAY! Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Dog Prize Packs!

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Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Dog Prize Pack

With kathy ireland® Loved Ones, you will find products that speak directly to the natural needs of your ‘Loved Ones.’ The needs system enables you, as your dog’s guardian, to choose products that will connect with and care for your dogs.

The kathy ireland Loved Ones collection offers products to meet all of your pets’ needs:

  • RESTORE: Offers bedding that caters to your Loved Ones’ sleeping style.
  • NOURISH: a range of stylish products provide durable mealtime solutions for both cats and dogs.
  • PLAY: a range of innovative toys for dogs and cats designed to satisfy a variety of play styles.
  • EXPLORE: Includes leads, collars and accessories for cats and dogs on the go.
  • INDULGE: Offers luxe items to pamper your Loved Ones.

Our giveaway Dog Prize Pack includes products in many of these categories!

Ki_Hide And Seek Ball_Whale

PLAY, with Hide and Seek Dog Toys

The Hide and Seek® balls are patented, waterproof, durable, with light and sound features that will make sure you never lose a ball again

PLAY, with the Durable Whale Dog Toy with Treat Pocket

82000 Durable Whale Dog Toy With Treat Pocket, Blue

Durable and cuddly, this plush toy has a pocket to stash treats and a squeaker to encourage play. The Whale Dog Toy features and inner lining for added durability.

NOURISH, with the 9″ Tonal Metallic Dog Bowl

84004 Tonal &Amp; Metallic 9In Dog Bowl, Green

A sturdy and stylish ceramic dog bowl with metallic accent, this bowl is dishwasher safe and comes in two colors … Green and Brown.

EXPLORE, with the Fashion Dog Collar with Tag Silencer and a Coordinating Fashion Leash

85013 Fashion Dog Collar With Tag Silencer, Pink Floral

The ki Loved Ones Fashion Dog Collars offer a whisper quiet tag silencer and easy attach leash ring. Collars are available in three colors, Green Chevron, Blue Emblem and Pink Floral and also four sizes, extra small, small, medium and large.

85015 Fashion 4' Dog Lead, Blue Emblem

The ki Fashion Dog Leads offer shock absorption in the handle for easy walking, an accessory ring for keys and waste bag holder and an easy attach collar with easy one-handed clasp. Leads come in three colors, Green Chevron, Blue Emblem and Pink Floral and two lengths, 4′ and 6′

EXPLORE, with the Reversible Pet Travel Mat

Ki_Reversible Travel Mat_Pink Floral

For the pet who travels, the Reversible Travel Mat unrolls to a double sided, durable mat, providing a comfortable place to rest with quilted padding, whether it be in the back of a car, or in a bed & breakfast.

The Dogington Post and Kathy Ireland are thrilled to give away 3 dog prize packs! Enter below for your chance to win! And, be sure to check out all of the kathy ireland Loved Ones collection for dogs and cats on Amazon and visit them on Facebook.

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  1. Avatar Of Summer Plewes



    I love the quality and that they have a special kind of beauty to them. Any pet lover would be happy to own them.

  2. Avatar Of Stacey Ording

    Stacey Ording


    Looking for a collar that won’t pull on the neck hair of our terrier mix. This one looks very nice! Very comfortable!

  3. Avatar Of Suzie M

    Suzie M


    I like the colors & the designs

  4. Avatar Of Mallory H.

    Mallory H.


    Love how the products look – more serious…not too silly

  5. Avatar Of Jenn



    Love the styish designs and colors!

  6. When I adopt, I want to be ready with the proper supplies.

  7. Avatar Of Heidi C.

    Heidi c.


    I love the muted colours of this line. The products are quite visually appealing.

  8. Avatar Of Maryjo Tsitouris

    MaryJo Tsitouris


    You can tell that the products have had real thought put into their design, not just a bunch of generic stuff that is massed produced.

  9. Avatar Of Judy Cowan

    Judy Cowan


    I love that the colours would easily fit in with my decor and that you can buy pieces that match!

  10. Avatar Of Bev



    I love the style of the products! They are appealing!

  11. The products look paw-esome!

  12. Avatar Of Kelly Kennedy

    Kelly Kennedy


    beautiful products!

  13. Avatar Of Sandie



    Very cute and Pratt items.

  14. Avatar Of Heather Trammell

    Heather Trammell


    I’d love to win this for my pups!

  15. Avatar Of Cristina cristina says:

    i love everything and the fabrics so pretty.

  16. Avatar Of Kayla



    very pretty and classy.

  17. Avatar Of Kayleigh



    These are adorable! My baby girl would love these!

  18. Avatar Of Maggie C

    Maggie C


    The pieces online are unique and looks durable =)

  19. Avatar Of Maggie C

    Maggie C


    The “Crinkle Fish Dog Toy” is my fave!

  20. Avatar Of Sharon Gilbert

    Sharon Gilbert


    I love the soft colors and everything matches. The things are awesome!

  21. Avatar Of Ruth Epstein Ruth Epstein says:

    I would so love to win, the blanket would be perfect for when I take Layla to the park and other outdoor events 🙂

  22. Avatar Of Margot C

    Margot C


    With the Kathy Ireland products I like the style and the colors

  23. Avatar Of Lindsey



    I love that the Kathy Ireland pet products are unique and different

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