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Good Boy! Drug Dealer Turned in to Police by His Own Dog!

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Good Boy, Bo! When This Man Tried To Elude Police, It Was His Dog, Bo, That Led Them Right To Him! Photos Via Prattville Police Department.
Good boy, Bo! When this man tried to elude police, it was his dog, Bo, that led them right to him! Photos via Prattville Police Department.

A Prattville, Alabama man is in custody and facing drug charges after his own dog led police right to him.

On Tuesday, the Prattville Police Department was attempting to serve a search warrant at the home of Edward Melvin Henderson. As soon as they pulled into the driveway, investigators saw Henderson flee the home on foot, exiting on the rear of the property toward a heavily wooded area and a ravine.

As police began searching the area for the suspected drug dealer, Henderson’s dog, Bo, came running over to them. He looked up at one of the officers who said, “Go get him!”

Though police had seen Henderson run into the woods, Bo darted off toward the ravine. Instead of following Bo, police headed off in the direction they’d seen Henderson running. With no luck finding the man on their own, they spotted Bo, standing in the tall grass, wagging his tail.

Turns out Bo had taken a shortcut – right to his owner – and then stood there wagging his tail until police found him and arrested him.

ABC13 News reported, when police searched Henderson’s home, they found meth and materials used in a meth lab.

No word yet on who is taking care of Bo while his owner is arrested.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Kate kate says:

    Those cops need to make damned sure that dog is well taken care of. This is a smart,perceptive dog.He was smarter than they were. Put him to work. Don’t leave him there because that “cook” will hurt him.

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