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Good Samaritan Pays Huge Emergency Vet Bill for Disabled Veteran

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Disabled Army veteran Cheryl Buck had only been in New Mexico for a few days when a terrible accident nearly took her service dog’s life. That’s when a good Samaritan with a heart of pure gold and a giving spirit, restored Buck’s faith in humanity.

Buck and her service dog, Sgt. Mable just moved to New Mexico. Sgt. Mable was outside in her new yard when the neighbor’s dogs jumped over the fence, scaring her. Sgt. Mable darted into the street and was struck by a car.

“I was watching TV and I heard a big boom,” Buck explained to WBAY.

Cheryl ran outside to find Mable, lifeless in the middle of the street. Police officers helped rush Mable to the Veterinary Care Animal Hospital in Albuquerque. That’s where Buck said she met her guardian angel.

Amy Matteucci happened to be at the VCA just as the police car was pulling in. She described what happened next.

“Last night I arrived at VCA to a police car, two vet staff, and a distraught disabled army veteran helping load her belived service dog Sergeant Mabel out of the car and onto a pet gurney for emergency care. Sadly, Sgt. Mabel got out of her new yard and was struck by a car and seriously injured. God spoke to me clearly and said, “Her. Help her.” Once inside, Mabel was rushed off for evaluation and it became clear very quickly that her soldier mom wasn’t at all prepared to handle the burden of what was to happen financially to get her best friend and service animal back on her feet. I tell this not to elevate myself, but because I’ve learned to follow the voice when I’m told to go and do. Trusting fully that it would all get worked out I handed my credit card to the front desk staff and said do what you need to do.”

Mable, it turned out, would need several surgeries and procedures in order to recover from the accident. “A broken hip, an open wound on her hand, and a cast on her leg,” Buck explained. She had just used all of her savings to move to New Mexico.

Without hesitation, Matteucci — a total stranger — paid the nearly $6,000 bill.

Buck said she is adamant about paying Matteucci back. They have set up a GoFundMe page for Sgt. Mable.

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  1. Avatar Of Joan



    All livings creature so deserve to be cared for, the miracle is one of God’s hand giving this dog a generous person to help with the vet cost to save her and her pet mommy from pain and grief and loss.

  2. Avatar Of Alisa Clark

    Alisa clark


    God bless you Amy for helping it just goes to show there are good people in this world

  3. Avatar Of Natasha



    A true heroine here. She has my full respect. I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes. I sincerely hope that Mabel gets better soon.

  4. Avatar Of Jean Burkhardt

    Jean Burkhardt


    Now THIS is a Christmas miracle! It’s so hard to believe someone would step up and save a dog they didn’t even know. God bless her and may Sgt Mabel heal very quickly.

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