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Good Samaritans in Colorado Will Soon Be Allowed to Break Into Hot Cars to Rescue Dogs

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Great news for Colorado dogs! A newly passed Good Samaritan law will grant citizens permission to break into hot cars to rescue dogs.

Good Samaritan

Beginning August 9, citizens in the state of Colorado will be exempt from criminal and civil liability when they use necessary means to break into a vehicle to save an animal or child in distress – as long as they make every reasonable effort to find the vehicle owner and contact law enforcement before taking action.

In addition, you must be reasonably certain that the animal is at risk for serious injury or death if immediate action is not taken.

“It was written to make sure there were common-sense steps,” said Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, an author of the bill. “It was also to protect property owners so that people aren’t just breaking in because they’re angry.”

Temperatures inside a vehicle can quickly soar, even on a mildly warm day, to dangerous and lethal temperatures.

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