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The Graceful Borzoi

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The Borzoi, formerly known as the Russian wolfhound, is a breed that is perfect for racing and other speed-related activities. They also have good stamina and are surprisingly graceful when it comes to their physical appearance. One could compare a Borzoi to an elegant-looking sports car.

Borzois belong to the group of dogs called sighthounds, who depend more on their eyes than on their noses in chasing animals (and other things!!). They are also built for harsh climates and weather.  The breed was originally made for the Russian plains to chase down hares, wolves and other game. However today, their usual task has been narrowed down to just being a comfortable home partner.

Their real origin remains unknown, but what is known is that they came from Russia. They were included in a hunting rules book published in the year 1650. The breed’s purpose was also to protect people and still engage in racing sports and hunting activities.

Its appearance of the Borzoi is that of a tall, slender, and elegantly-looking dog that looks like one from royalty. They actually resemble Greyhounds, except for their long coat. The head is narrow and long and has small ears. The female ones are around 27 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder and 60 to 85 pounds in weight. Male ones are larger, at 31 to 34 inches tall and around 85 to 110 pounds in weight. Size makes a difference – some Borzois can look coarse instead of being elegant if they are on the larger end of the size range.

They have a deep chest, and their topline rises over the loin, which makes them more flexible than most sighthounds. The bones of their legs are also bladed and not rounded which makes them more aerodynamic and adds up to their speed. They have long and narrow feet. The Borzoi is also a well-muscled breed, with legs that can gallop like a horse – a perfect picture for a racing dog.

They can have silky and long, curly or coarse coats, in which any pattern is acceptable. Although white with spots tends to be the most common coat color and pattern. Males have longer coats than females. The breed also takes a lot of time to mature. In fact, most of the show dogs of this breed only star as champs at 4 to 5 years old, which is their fully matured age.

When kept as a house buddy, they are gentle and loving. They are full of affection and serve as good lapdogs (if you want something that big on your lap!) without seeking too much attention. Usually, they will just sit around in their dog bed or on the couch. But just because they seem to do nothing physical in comparison to other dogs does not necessarily mean that they are an aloof breed. It is just that they are much more meant for relaxation and calmness, which is why they are well suited as therapy dogs. While the breed can act aloof at times, you can help out by making sure he is well socialized as a pup to prevent personality problems when he grows up.

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