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Great Homemade Dog Bone Recipes

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Great homemade dog bone recipes will be a great addition to your dog’s fun diet and can also be a motivational tool for your dog during training and obedience sessions. So instead of buying products online and from stores, did you know that you can also make homemade dog bone recipes? These can be adjusted to your dog’s needs and taste, and will ensure that your dog will definitely love eating these treats, because they are packed with nutrients, flavors, and most of all, no chemicals as it is an all-natural homemade treat made from great homemade dog bone recipes.

Great Homemade Dog Bone Recipes

Making homemade treats for your dog is economical and ensures that your dog receives pure natural food. These natural great homemade dog bone recipes are far better than commercial treats and the possible bad effects on your dog’s health they produce. As some companies hold recalls on certain dog treats, you are never going to worry, because your treats are homemade, only filled with healthy and natural ingredients, plus vitamins to keep your dog in top shape. Allergies, digestive upsets and other health hindrances can also be avoided with homemade products, and ensure your dog’s health and safety.

Here are a couple of great homemade dog bone recipes:

  • For dogs with bad breath, there is a recipe that you can use:
    • 1 egg, 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour, ½ cup finely chopped parsley, ½ finely chopped mint or ½ tsp. mint extract, 3 tablespoons of Vegetable Oil, 1/3 cup of milk.
    • Just mix all of these ingredients to form dough that is thick and holds together in a ball when it is pressed. Onto a floured surface, roll it out and shape it any way you want. Using a cookie cutter can also work. Afterwards, bake it at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes.

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  1. Avatar Of Linda



    Apple sauce can be used in place of the oil. It is much healthier!

    • Avatar Of Lisa Broyles

      Lisa Broyles


      Coconut Oil Externally And Internally Will GetRidOf FleAs. Not To Mention All The Other Healthy BenefIts It Provides.

  2. Avatar Of Lynn



    Before anyone makes the dog treats to help with fleas please check with your vet. I’ve always heard that garlic and onions are extremely toxic to both dogs and cats!

    • Avatar Of Caolifhionne Mears

      Caolifhionne Mears


      Any of the Allium family of plants are toxic to dogs, with varying degrees of lethality. That means nothing garlic, onion, chive, shallot, etc. Also toxic are: chocolate, raisins, grapes and walnuts.

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