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Help Your Dog Transition To City Life With These Tips

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Some dogs adjust well to city life. Chihuahuas and Dachshunds are a few of the low-maintenance dogs that make excellent pets for apartment living. Other breeds have a difficult time adapting. Behavioral problems, excessive barking and inappropriate elimination are the most common problems encountered by pet owners living in the city. 

Neighbors can come knocking at your door, bothered by your dog. If you have just come from a rural setting, how do you train your dog for the transition to the city? Here are some tips to help you! 

Follow Building Etiquette

Follow Building Etiquette

Be a good neighbor and follow the rules in your apartment. Living in the city means a lot of noise and smell. Your dog can be extremely sensitive to that and react poorly. Gently introduce them to city things like elevators, lobbies, traffic and streets. When taking your dog for a walk, always clean up after them. They can also get bored in the apartment, resulting in constant barking and disturbing your neighbors. You’ll need to provide plenty of stimulation for your dog when living in a small space.

Practice Good Socialization

Practice Good Socialization

Your dog can get excited or terrified by seeing a lot of unfamiliar people and other dogs. Training them to be calm and well-behaved when seeing strangers is essential. Keeping them on a short leash is best as they can become unpredictable. When meeting new dogs on the street and hallways, do not expect that other pet owners will appreciate your dog approaching theirs. Always respect the space and ask for permission. 

Choose Walking Path

Choose A Walking Path

With limited space for apartments in the city, daily walks are important. But a new environment can be stressful for your dog. Keep your walks short and bring the essentials. Poop bags, travel water bottles, and treats are essential. Gradually increase it to a longer walk if you can see that your dog is enjoying it.

Be Aware Of City Risks

Be Aware of City Risks

Living in the city poses some potential dangers of which you need to be aware. The pavement can get incredibly hot during the summer and hurt your dog’s paws. Broken glass on the ground can puncture them. Be on the lookout for things that can fall on them while walking. Research on possible hazards that could affect your dog. 

If you’ve just moved to the city, living with a dog can help you cope with loneliness. It can take a few weeks for them to adjust and requires a deep commitment to help them be comfortable with life in the city. 

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