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Helping Your Pet Adjust to a New Home

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When you move, it can be a stressful situation. All of the shuffling about and changing of the locations can breed excitement and uncertainty. Especially for your dog!

New Home

It’s important for you to remain cool, calm and collected during the time that you move, because your demeanor is likely to rub off on your furry friend. For example, make sure that you keep things consistent by keeping their same bowl, bed and toys in similar spots in the new house.

It’s also handy, before the move, to put out some boxes and bags to let your dog get used to them. Then, when moving day has actually arrived, put your pooch in a safe space to ensure they don’t run out the door. If needed, keep them crated or have them spend the day at a friends house.

There are tons more things you can do to ensure your best pal is safe and calm during a move. The moving experts over at HireAHelper came up with a complete list of tips to help your pet adjust during a move. If you follow them you are sure to have a smooth and successful relocation!

Help Your Pet Adjust To A New Home

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