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Hero Dog Missing After Saving Man and Chasing Off Robbers

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Coco, A Belgian Malinois, Is Missing In The North Pittsburg Are After Chasing Away Robbers Earlier This Week.

When Pittsburgh beer distributor, Sam Caruso was attacked by robbers, it was his daughter’s dog, Coco, that chased off the robbers, potentially saving his life. Sadly, Coco never returned after the chase.

Caruso told CBS Pittsburg the robbers beat him over the head with a brick and took his money. That’s when Coco, a Belgian Malinois, came to his rescue. She chased the robbers away, then running around in an excited state, didn’t come back when he called her.

Caruso said, “she isn’t wearing tags because she had chewed them off, but if you see her, take her to an animal shelter because she has a microchip.”

Sam’s daughter, Shari, who owns Coco, explained, “She was protecting my dad, who got mugged, and chased the perpetrators away.”

Shari continued, “She’s just the perfect dog. She’s a great family dog, but she’ll protect you, and that’s what she did.”

The family are desperate to get their dog back and urge anyone in Pittsburgh’s North Side in the Mexican War Streets area to report any sightings or take Coco to a veterinarian or shelter where she can be scanned for her microchip.

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  1. Avatar Of Mertle



    This doesn’t sound good , they may have seen her and hurt her . I would like to know if she has been found.

  2. Avatar Of Eunice Lane

    Eunice Lane


    Praying for Coco’s safe return home.

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