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Hero Dog, Ollie, Saves Family From Gas Explosion

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At The Dogington Post, we love stories of exceptional canines – dogs that make a difference or even save lives. So, we were thrilled to learn that a hero dog, Ollie, saved his family from a gas explosion. The 6-month old boxer puppy knew something just didn’t smell right in the Hyde family home and used his puppy persistence to rescue his family before they were harmed.

Scout & Zoe’s, the makers of natural antler dog chews have named Ollie as their newest Exceptional Canine award recipient. Details of the story are below, from Scout & Zoe’s.

Hero Dog, Ollie, Saves Family From Gas Explosion

Scout & Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews is honoring a 6-month-old Boxer pup who saved Christmas – and his family – by detecting a dangerous gas leak in their Georgia home.

Something just didn’t smell right. And thanks to an alert puppy named Ollie, a family got the message quickly enough to escape for safety.

Ollie, a young Boxer pup, sensed danger while his family was putting up holiday decorations one early December night at their home in Canton, Ga. Gas logs in the Hyde family’s fireplace were spewing odorless and highly flammable fumes into the air. The potential for a deadly accident was very real, either from asphyxiation due to the gas or from a possible explosion if somehow a spark ignited the gas that was filling the home.

“He knew something we didn’t know,” Jason Hyde told an Atlanta TV station. “He sensed something wasn’t right.”

Ollie arched his back and began nudging the Hyde’s and their daughter until they eventually got the message and followed him outside. In the process, Jason realized that gas was flowing from the gas logs and that he had forgotten to light the fire.

“He cared about us enough to get us out,” says Sheree Hyde. “He was not giving up until we all came outside. We loved him before and obviously we still do, but we thank God for such a smart dog.”

For sensing danger and bravely ushering his family to safety, Ollie is being recognized with the Scout & Zoe’s Exceptional Canine Award.

“We just love Ollie’s story, because he’s our youngest Exceptional Canine Award recipient by far,” says Cindy Dunston Quirk, owner and developer of Scout & Zoe’s Natural Antler Dog Chews. “For a young puppy to show so much love, devotion and bravery is just an amazing story. He really did save Christmas, and it’s the kind of story that reminds us just how special and strong the bond is between a dog and his family, even at such a young age.”

Ollie has become quite a celebrity in his small Georgia town. The Hyde’s have done a number of television interviews, emphasizing the uncanny ability Ollie showed to be aware of the gas and the potential for danger.

“I just think it’s cool that God has made a creature, made a dog, as smart as this dog and I am glad to have him,” says Jason.

As a Scout & Zoe’s honoree, a special card has been created featuring Ollie’s photo and his achievements. It will be included in packages of Scout & Zoe’s chews.

This story, and other exceptional canine stories, remind us just how special dogs can be. Read more about how this hero dog, Ollie, saved his family from a gas explosion and learn about Scout & Zoe’s other Exceptional Canine award recipients here.  Do you have a hero dog story of your own to share? We would love to hear about it in our comments below.

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