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Another Hero Dog Saves Family From Fire

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Here at the Dogington Post, we read and share countless stories of amazing hero dogs. Another hero dog, Bear, a Goldendoodle member of the Janes family of Boston, Massachusetts, saved his human family from a fire that gutted their home. As reported by Gary Remal in The Boston Herald, the normally quiet family dog barked and whined loud enough to wake the sleeping family and save them when their home caught fire in the middle of the night, shortly after the holidays.

Another Hero Dog Saves Family From Fire

A pup who barely ever barks saved his family from a fire in their Haverhill home, making a racket to shake the heavens and wake them just in time to escape the raging blaze.

“He really is a hero. He is the amazing part of this whole story,” Evelyn Janes said of Bear, a 15-month-old dark-haired goldendoodle her children begged to bring home about a year ago.

“I looked where he was barking and saw the dining room was really bright and when I looked out the door all I saw was fire,” she recalled.

Rarely one to make a sound, Bear woke Janes shortly before 4 a.m. Tuesday as she slept next to her 6-year-old twins, who had been given the special treat of sleeping in front of the Christmas tree in their living room. The twins’ older sister, Brianna, was at a friend’s house for a sleepover.

Through the fog of sleep, she tried to hush the barking dog — until she saw a strange glow from her adjoining dining room, then found flames shooting up the outside wall of her house.

Bedding the children near the tree may have been a life-saving decision, Janes said. The girls’ second-floor bedroom sits amid the part of the home gutted by fire.

“That’s the section of the house that got the most damage,” she said.

Janes, whose husband was scheduled to work a late shift that night, bundled up the twins and rushed outside to find two newspaper carriers about to pound on the door and warn her. She entrusted the twins to them and returned to save Bear, still standing guard over the house.

Read the entire story here. Do you know any stories of hero dogs saving their family from fire? Or, has your dog ever done anything heroic? Share your stories with us below.

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