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Hero Dog Saves 76-Year Old Man Missing for Three Days

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Chase is a 4-year old German Shepherd, a Suffolk County New York police dog, and a life-saving hero. When 76-year old Dr. Jerome Nadler, an internist from East Setauket, didn’t return from a solo fishing trip on Labor Day, New York State park police used helicopters, boats, divers, foot patrols and dogs to comb the 543-acre Caleb Smith State Park where he went missing.

PIX11 reported, when Chase found Dr. Nadler, he was semi-conscious and most likely suffering from exposure. Dr. Nadler was found lying on his back, clothed, able to speak and had a million bug bites on him, according to police.

Chase laid down beside the doctor until police arrived, refusing to leave his side despite being called by his handler.

“This is a very happy day for me now,” Dr. Matthew Nadler told reporters outside Stony Brook Hospital where his father had been airlifted just a few hours earlier. He added, “it’s a miraculous story.”

Thanks to Chase, Dr. Nadler is expected to make a full recovery. See the news report from PIX 11 below!

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  1. Avatar Of Bored



    Asked to comment, the dog said, “Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruffruffruff, ruff!”

  2. Avatar Of Sd



    This is a perfect example of man’s intended relationship with animals. This dog knew this man was in trouble and stayed with him to comfort and protect him, much the same as a mother dog protects and comforts her pups. Dogs can do amazing things, I’ve witnessed a few myself. Even cats are capable of doing amazing and similar things. I’ve seen cats stay with someone who is sick to comfort them and even come and tell you (in their own way) that the sick person needs you. Its wonderful to see them bond with humans.

  3. Avatar Of Thor



    Wow! One of my kind can do that?

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