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Hero Police Dog Saves His Human Partner’s Life in Ambush Attack

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A Hancock County, Mississippi police K-9 is being hailed a hero after thwarting an ambush and attempted murder against his human partner, Deputy Todd Frazier on Monday night.

While patrolling a Mississippi rest stop, Frazier came upon a blue Lincoln Town Car with a man sitting alone inside without any lights. He parked his cruiser and stepped out to investigate. As he approached the vehicle, two more men came rushing out of the nearby wooded area, ambushing Frazier.

The men began dragging the deputy toward the woods where, they told him, they planned to slit his throat.

Thinking quickly, Frazier pushed a recently installed button that automatically opens the door of his police cruiser, allowing his K-9 partner, Lucas, a Belgian Malinois, to come to his aid.

Though he suffered multiple injuries, including what appears to be a wound from a box cutter on his forehead, he is expected to make a full recovery. It’s all thanks to Lucas, who chased off the assailants before they could finish what they’d intended to do.

Lucas did not suffer any injuries, but the same cannot be said for the assailants. It is unknown how many of the three men Lucas caught up to, but Sheriff Ricky Adam told The Clarion-Ledger that the dog bit at least one, possibly two, of the suspects.

The suspects fled in the Town Car, which police describe as blue, with a dark blue or black vinyl top, possibly a 2000 model. At least one of the suspects will have serious dog bites and the suspects may have crossed into nearby Louisiana.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at 228-255-9191.

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