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Home Depot Employees Build Wheelchair for Paralyzed Pup

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A couple of Home Depot employees became angels in orange aprons when they went above and beyond to give a paralyzed pup a little bit of freedom.

Last month, Rebecca Pierce dropped off her spunky, energetic Rat Terrier, Wally, to be boarded in her veterinarian’s kennel service. A few days later when she came to pick him up, something was terribly wrong.

“They brought him in and I saw he couldn’t use his back two legs,” Pierce told FOX 13.

Pierce says veterinary staff don’t know what happened but suspect the otherwise healthy boy somehow herniated a disc in his spine. While the vet staff work to determine what happened and if he’ll ever walk on all fours again, Wally and Rebecca were left helpless.

“He looked like a seal. He was using his front paws to get around. He’d either be sitting side-saddle or dragging his legs behind him,” Pierce said.

While searching online for help, Pierce found a YouTube video demonstrating how to build a wheelchair for a dog.

With Wally in her arms, Pierce took a trip to her local Home Depot store in New Tampa, Florida. That’s when two very caring employees, Debbie Klaczynski and Greg Worrell, spent the next two hours gathering supplies and building Wally’s new wheels right there on the spot!

Then, as she tried to pay, management insisted on covering all costs.

“She’s going to have an incredible amount of bills with this guy. This was an easy fix for us,” Klaczynski explained.

Now, after a few weeks, Wally is beginning to show improvement. He’s visiting a canine chiropractor regularly and is slowly beginning to show some mobility in his hind legs. But, while he recovers, he’s happily chugging along using his new ride!

Pierce says she’ll never forget the kindness and compassion shown to her and Wally by two total strangers.

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  1. Avatar Of Dale Gornick

    Dale gornick


    The home depot employees should be accommodated for such compassion and thoughtfulness for helping the dog to be able to walk with a wheelchair. These are two people along with the doggies mom that I would like to meet. A huge THANK YOU.

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