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Every year, countless dogs die in cars on summer days, even when it doesn’t even seem that hot outside, and even when the windows are cracked and the car is parked in the shade. The startling truth is that even in seemingly safe conditions the temperature inside your car can soar to life-threatening heights in just a few minutes – about the time it takes to run into the post office or the coffee shop or the pet store.

Petplan pet insurance believes this is a national issue – that animals need stronger protection and pet parents need awareness and education. That’s why they’ve created resources to help keep pets safe from summer’s heat.

How Hot Does it Really Get Inside a Parked Car?

Even on a relatively mild day, your car can turn into an oven with frightening speed… a speed often underestimated by pet parents. In the time it takes to run a quick errand, a dog left alone in a parked car can suffer irreparable consequences, even death.


On an 85ºF day, dogs can be at high risk of succumbing to heat stroke in less than 15 minutes. What are the signs of heat stroke?


You wouldn’t dream of leaving your best furry friend in an oven. Leaving them in a parked car in the summer is no different. Please, think twice before bringing your dog along and continue warning other pet parents of the dangers.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Joyce



    There should be a movement where regular people drive around parking malls/lots etc and look for animals and children in cars. And the police should issue HUMONGOUS fines, OR take the animal/child into protective custody.
    I can't believe people do this…

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