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How Do You Store & Use Your Dry Dog Food?

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Dog Food In Circle Stainless Bowl

Some interesting new information about how to properly store your dog’s dry food has been making the rounds the past few weeks. Still, we’ve all got our own tried and true methods for keeping food fresh.

Once you get your dog’s food home, how do you store and use it?

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  1. Avatar Of Cheri



    Only use plastic that is BPA/BPH free….Others ended up smelling like petroleum after short usage. Frustrating to find large, stainless steel containers for 10-20 pounds of dog food….searched Amazon, chemical companies, food prep companies…no luck!

    • Avatar Of Joanne



      Hi Cheri Walmart has them by their trash cans and it will hold about 20 lbs…it’s not the large metal cans for garbage

  2. Avatar Of Astrid James

    Astrid James


    I bought a plastic container especially for dog food. It’s airtight sealed no dogfood keeps for about 3 months. We do buy the large bag because it’s just more cost effective. Please let me know about the plastic storage bin???

  3. I’d like to find the best way to store dog food,. Small bags. Now I have a container which I bought specifically for dry dog food.

  4. Avatar Of Maxine



    What should I be using instead of the plastic container?? The dog food bags themselves that I get are either all plastic or plastic lined!!!

  5. Avatar Of Peggy



    I would like to find out the results of your survey as well as suggestions you may have.

  6. Avatar Of Jason Thompson

    Jason Thompson


    2 large german shepards, go thru 2 large bags every 2 weeks. Dry food is not in the plastic containers long enough to significantly absorb anything harmful.

  7. Avatar Of Judi judi says:

    I read that you should not store dry dog food in plastic containers so I use a large cookie tin.

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