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How Hot Does it Really Get Inside a Parked Car?

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Police from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, concerned by the volume of calls and deaths to children and animals left alone in parked cars, set out to see for themselves – and to show the public – just how hot it gets inside a parked car, how quickly it heats up, and what begins to happen to a living being trapped inside.

In the video above, a deputy is urged by his colleagues after only 25 minutes to exit the vehicle rather than risk permanent or life-threatening injuries as a result of the experiment. In that 25 minutes, temperatures inside the vehicle reached between 124 and 177-degrees. The deputy’s heart rate began climbing within only a few minutes, finally reaching 151 beats per minute just as he exited the car, an early indicator of heatstroke.

A dog, covered in fur and unable to sweat, unable to regulate their body temperature even remotely as efficiently as a human, would suffer the effects of extreme heat far faster and more intensely.

Please, do not leave dogs unattended in a parked car, even for only a few minutes.

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