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How to Clean, Maintain, and Prolong the Life of Your Grooming Tools

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As pet parents, we already know the importance of cleaning and maintaining the equipment and items we use every day. From keeping bowls and bedding cleaned, to properly storing food for freshness, and installing clean air conditioner filters on schedule, we’re accustomed to caring for the things we need to keep ourselves and our dogs happy, healthy, and as comfortable as possible. 

The same holds true for grooming tools. To ensure grooming clippers and trimmers stay in their best working order, they’ll require a few simple cleaning and maintenance steps.

Grooming Tools

Improper maintenance of your clippers and blades can, at best, lead to poor clipper function, slower grooms, and uneven cutting. Or, at worst, can result in costly repairs and replacement. Luckily, with the right tools and techniques, it’s easy to prolong the life of your grooming tools.

The Basics of Clipper Care

As a general rule of thumb, clippers should be cleaned, disinfected, and oiled after every use to keep them in optimum working order. Here are a few simple steps to follow to keep your clippers in mint condition:

1. Using a blade brush, wipe away hair and fur fragments from your clipper blades.

2. Clean and disinfect your blades using a blade cleaner. We recommend Andis Cool Care Plus, a one-step coolant, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative, and disinfectant that makes it easy to clean without removing your clipper’s blades.

3. Apply clipper oil to your blade. With the blade teeth pointing down, apply 3-drops of oil across the blade’s teeth and one drop on each back rail. Turn the clipper on for several seconds to distribute the oil.

To purchase these care and cleaning products, visit Andis.com. Use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99! (Offer valid through 12/31/2020, unlimited uses).

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Certified professional groomer and Andis Educator, Diane Betelak provided in-depth tips and tricks for cleaning and disinfecting your Andis clippers, replacing parts, and maintaining your tools in this informative video:

Additional Tips & Tricks

Following the steps above will ensure your clippers remain in tip-top shape for regular at-home grooming. But periodically, additional maintenance steps should be taken to further prolong the life of your tools.

• Before every use, check batteries, cords, and plugs for any nicks or signs of damage.

• When using your clippers for an extended period, remember to check that the blade has not become hot to the touch or clogged with hair. If this happens, clean the blades with Andis Cool Care Plus to cool, clean, and lubricate the blades before continuing.

• If you find that your blades are stuck or are not moving freely, Diane suggests placing the stuck blades on an absorbent paper towel and applying several drops of blade oil across the teeth. Then wrap them in the paper towel and store for 24-hours to allow the oil to soak in and loosen the blades. Once they’re loosened and moving freely, clean with Andis Blade Care Plus, a 7-in-one, Vitamin E enriched formula that cools, deodorizes, lubricates, cleans, prevents rust and decontaminates blades.

• Periodically inspect your blade drive, hinge, and lock to ensure that no parts are rusted, worn, or damaged. Although your clippers are sealed, moisture and hair can sometimes work its way into the device. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your clippers can prevent any problems before they begin.

• Diane recommends performing clipper maintenance on a light-colored towel over a steady surface so that small parts are easy to see and don’t roll away.

For detailed care, cleaning and maintenance instructions for your specific Andis clippers or trimmers, Use & Care Manuals can be found here.

Visit Andis.com for answers to frequently asked questions, customer support, replacement parts, accessories and products to keep your clippers and blades in great shape.

While you’re there, use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99! (Offer valid through 12/31/2020, unlimited uses).

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