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How to Remove Dog Urine from Carpets

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Having a dog is like having a kid. It brings you many joys, but also a lot of troubles! And one of these many troubles is removing dog urine smell or stains.

Urine smell and stains are a common problem, especially when potty training puppies. But sometimes, this is cause by a variety of factors and can become a habit.

Guilty Puppy Getting Reprimanded By Owner For Peeing On The Carpet
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Either way, you need to stop this peeing habit from happening. And you need to know how to remove dog urine from carpets.

And because of this, fur parents should have the best carpet cleaners at their disposal. This will ensure that surfaces always look and smell fresh.

As a fur parent, are you confident that you know how to remove dog urine from carpets? If not, then continue reading to find out more!

Dog urine smell and stains remover recipe

It makes all the difference when you know how to remove dog urine from carpets. And did you know that you can create your own carpet cleaner to get rid of it? You only need these four simple ingredients:

  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Liquid Dishwashing Detergent (Dish Soap)
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (10 Vol)

This recipe is for one small area of dog urine. For larger areas, you will need to adjust the quantity of ingredients used. So, feel free to experiment.

Furthermore, in areas that have been heavily soiled with dog urine, you may have to repeat the process.

Steps on how to remove dog urine from carpets

Sometimes, your dog urinating around the house is caused by

Step 1: Absorb the dog urine

When working on how to remove dog urine from carpets, the first step is always important.

If the area is still wet, you should first try to absorb the dog urine. Leaving it there to dry out will only encourage bacterial growth. And this causes the smell.

Dog Sniffing The Urine On The Carpet While The Owner Vacuums The Urine
Lazy_Bear / Shutterstock.com

Using a wet/dry vacuum is the best way to remove dog urine. If you don’t own one, you can place several layers of paper towel over the wet urine area as an alternative. And then tread on it to soak up as much dog urine as you can. You may have to repeat this several times until no more dog urine can be soaked up.

And sometimes, dog urine can alter the chemical nature of dyes in some carpets. This causes discoloration, bleaching or dye run. So absorbing the urine as fast as you can is essential.

Step 2: Create a solution

This is important when learning how to remove dog urine from carpets.

Mix a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. And use a spray bottle to apply the vinegar solution to the carpet. Work the solution into the carpet with a soft brush (or your fingers) to ensure it penetrates the carpet fibers.

Woman Learning How To Remove Dog Urine From Carpets Using A Vinegar And Water Solution
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Then blot the area using the paper towel method above to absorb the vinegar mixture. The solution will neutralize the ammonia in the dog urine.

In addition to this, you can remove excess moisture using a wet/dry vacuum extractor.

Step 3: Sprinkle baking soda

When the area has dried or almost dried, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over the soiled area.

Woman Learning How To Remove Dog Urine From Carpets Using Baking Soda
FotoHelin / Shutterstock.com

Furthermore, baking soda can help get rid any dog smell from your house.

Step 4: Pour or spray the hydrogen peroxide

Mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of plain dishwashing detergent. (Do not use caustic dishwasher detergent.)

Pour the 3% hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent mixture over the baking soda. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle to apply the solution.

Woman Wearing Gloves Cleaning Her Carpet With Hydrogen Peroxide
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Then work the mixture well into the carpet with your fingers (while wearing rubber gloves) or use a brush.

Allow the area to dry completely. Once the area is thoroughly dry, vacuum up the baking soda.

A fan or heater can assist in drying while the baking soda absorbs the urine. Furthermore, you can use a hard bristled brush to loosen up the baking soda if necessary.

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can substitute it with a laundry spray stain remover. Just make sure that the bottle mentions ‘Oxy’ anywhere on the label.

Step 5: Track down dried stains

Sometimes, you don’t notice dog urine immediately because it’s already dried up. With the help of a black light, you can find dried urine spots on your carpet.

Dog Stains On The Carpet As Seen With Ultra Violet Light
Steve Heap / Shutterstock.com

The dog urine stains will fluoresce under the ultra violet light in a darkened room. And you can actually buy your own hand held black lights. They are quite inexpensive and costs only between $15 to $25.

Of course, you can always save the expense of a black light. Find the urine spots by using your nose. Just get down on your carpet and sniff and find the offensive odors that way.

Disclaimer in using dog urine remover solution

Knowing how to remove dog urine from carpets also comes with disclaimers and cautions. Here are some important things to remember:

  1. Perform a small spot test in a small, unnoticeable area before proceeding with the above mentioned recipe.
  2. Use only 3% hydrogen peroxide. Do not use hydrogen peroxide that is higher than 3%. Make sure to read the label on the hydrogen peroxide to see the strength. Bleaching may occur on some carpets with a stronger solution.
  3. Make sure that the carpet is completely dry after cleaning. This is to ensure your dog’s safety before it goes back to the area.


Even potty-trained dogs sometimes urinate in places where they shouldn’t. Dogs urinate not only on carpets, but also on tiles and hardwood floors.

Sad Dog Sitting Beside Its Urine Stain On The Carpet
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

So even if you’re a first time or long time dog parent, you should know how to remove dog urine from carpets, or from any surface in your house.

If you can deal with the problem immediately, you keep your house looking and smelling fresh from dog urine smell and stains.

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