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How to Socialize Your Puppy

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Because puppyhood is the most crucial time in the dog’s development, early socialization and puppy training is vital. What you do or fail to do right now will affect your dog’s behavior forever.

Why is Socialization Important?

A well-socialized puppy is considered properly adjusted, and would generally make an excellent companion. He is neither frightened nor aggressive to anything or anyone he would naturally meet every day. An un-socialized dog, however, is typically untrustworthy and can be an unwanted liability. They can be fear-biters and aggressive. They are hard to train, and are basically unpleasant to be around.

Guidelines to Follow:

The key to socializing your puppy is making each circumstance below pleasant and non-threatening to your pet. Otherwise, you will defeat your purpose of making him well-adjusted to various situations.

  • Invite a few friends over to meet your new puppy. Include men and women, young and old, and other acquaintances coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds, etc.
  • Allow visits from friendly, healthy dogs and other animals such as cats to your house to meet as well as play with your dog.
  • Bring your puppy to parks, shopping centers, playgrounds, schools, and many other places where there are many people and lots of activity.
  • Take your dog out for short, frequent rides. Let him watch the world as it goes by through the car window.
  • Introduce your new puppy to different objects such as bags, umbrellas, boxes, vacuum cleaners, etc., and encourage him to explore his environment.
  • Get the pet familiar to seeing various unfamiliar objects by setting a chair upside-down or laying a trash can empty on its side.
  • Acquaint your puppy to new and different sounds.
  • Get him accustomed to numerous grooming routines such as bathing, brushing, and nail-clipping, as well as to different physical examinations.
  • Introduce your new pet to his own collar and leash, to stairs, and anything or everything you need your puppy to be comfortable with.


  • To keep you pet from picking up diseases, do not put him on the ground where strange animals have a way in.
  • Complete your pup’s shots and do not socialize him with dogs that seem sick or not vaccinated.
  • Do not reward your pet for display of fearful behavior.
  • Do not let your new puppy experience painful, harmful, or extremely frightening situations as these can cause him unwarranted lifetime phobias.
  • Simply provide your pet the opportunity to socialize. Do not force or rush him.
  • Because puppies require plenty of sleep, it is more effective to let him have frequent yet brief exposures than occasional but prolonged contacts.

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