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How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

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Do you have a dog that is a jumper? Jumping can be a very annoying and potentially dangerous problem. First off, lets briefly discuss why dogs jump.

Dogs jump because it benefits them. They either have fun doing it, or learn that they get something for doing it. In the video below Chase is doing it because he either thinks it is going to get him the toy, or he is just having fun. For him I would lean more towards the fact that he thinks it’s going to get him the toy.

With this being said it is important that we teach our dogs that jumping will not benefit them. But how do we do it?

I like to teach an incompatible behavior. The incompatible behavior that I like to teach is sitting. If the dog is sitting, it isn’t jumping.

One other thing that is very important when trying to curb unwanted jumping is to make sure that the dog is not getting anything good in return for the jumping.

The video below shows how to give your dog good stuff for sitting, and how to withhold the good stuff for jumping.

Side note: Chase is an adoptable dog. He is currently residing at the Portage County APL located in Ravenna, OH.

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1 Comment

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