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How to Train Your Dog to Bring You a Beer!

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What’s better than an ice cold beer? Having someone else serve it to you! And who’s with you when you’re home, willing and eager to please? Your dog.

So why not mix the two, and train your dog to bring you a beer!

This WikiHow article shows us just how easy it is to teach your dog to fetch you a beer, or any other cold drink, from the fridge in just a few easy steps. You gotta try this!

Opening the Fridge:

1. Tie a rope or a towel to the door of your fridge. If you have a tug toy that your dog likes, this would work as well. You can also wrap a treat inside the towel to make it more enticing.

2. With your dog next to you, say “Get me a beer” or whatever command you have chosen for this action. Encourage your dog to bite on the towel. Give praise and a treat every time your dog bites the towel on your command.

3. Say “Get me a beer” and encourage your dog to pull on the towel. Give praise and a treat every time your dog pulls the fridge open.

Grabbing the Beer:

1.Put the beer can on the lowest shelf of the fridge so that your dog can reach it. It helps to clear out any stuff around it.

  • Empty a beer can and play fetch with it. If necessary, wrap something around the can so the dog can grab it more easily.
  • Put something against the fridge door so that it stays open without you having to hold it.
  • Near the fridge, point to the beer can and tell your dog to “fetch”. If your dog doesn’t understand, as you give the command pick up the beer and place it in the dog’s mouth.

2. Give your dog praise. Give the “drop” command so that she drops the can into your hand. Give praise and a treat. Repeat until your dog can pick up a beer can and put it on your hand using only verbal commands.

3. Move further away from the fridge and repeat. Keep moving a little further away until you’re sitting on your living room couch in front of the TV, or wherever you’ll often be when you command your dog to fetch the beer.

Closing the Fridge:

1.Open the fridge door slightly.

2. Dangle a treat so that your dog gets up on his hind legs and leans with his front paws against the door. This will close the door. Say “Close it” when you’re doing this, and reward your dog when he puts his paws on the door.

3. Move further away, leaving the fridge open. Tell your dog to “Close it”. Reward your dog whenever he closes the fridge.

Putting it all Together:

1.Stand close to the fridge. Ask your dog to “Get me a beer”. He should now be comfortable opening the fridge door. While the fridge door is open, tell the dog to “fetch”.

2.Have him put the beer in your hand and reward him.

3.Repeat the previous step, but this time say “Close it” after he grabs the can and reward him profusely after he’s brought you the beer.

4.Move a little further away and say “Get me a beer”. Your dog should open the fridge door but if he forgets to, just grab the beer or close the fridge, and remind him verbally.

5. Reward him when he brings you the beer (having done everything he was expected to do). Keep doing this and eventually most dogs will complete all of the tasks with a single command: “Get me a beer”.

Larger dogs between 12 and 18 months of age will most easily learn this cool trick because of their size and willingness to learn, however, it is possible to teach old dogs new tricks, so give it a shot! Your friends will be amazed and impressed and you’ll have more couch time!

Please remember, use cans, not glass bottles – you don’t want your dog biting too hard or dropping a bottle and breaking it, causing possible injury to the dog and, (god forbid) spilling your beer. Also remember that you’re teaching your dog how to open the fridge… while he might be trained to bring you a beer, you’ll also have a dog that knows how to gain access to all the best food in the house!

Here’s a well-trained Border Collie demonstrating this trick:

Have you ever trained your dog to bring you a beer? How about any other cool tricks? Tell us about it below!

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  2. Avatar Of Charles



    My dog was a golden beer retriever and I left her with my brother for a month, when I returned I noticed a latch on the refrigerator I left it unlocked and went to bed, next morning I found my dog passed out in the kitchen surrounded by crushed beer cans, my bro had taught my dog to drink.

  3. Avatar Of Kay Stout Kay Stout says:

    A good friend of mine had a black lab that opened the door – – brought the beer to him – waited until he had finished – then put it in the trash can. It was so much fun to watch

  4. Avatar Of Rob



    I don’t drink beer but how cool would it be if a dog would fetch your gun if you were in a jam?

  5. Avatar Of Henry



    This is really cool! I actually try to train my 3 pounds chihuahua to get me a beer after I saw this post of yours. LOL!!! It was very much different than what the collie’s do. Anyway, it is very fun to train dog to get you things for you.

  6. Avatar Of Lila Solnick Lila Solnick says:

    That border collie is precious! One of the smartest breeds of dog on the planet. All that breeding used to train him to fetch a beer. LOL!

  7. Avatar Of Kathy Kathy says:

    How funny!!!!
    Now they need to learn how to brew their own..

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