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Hundreds of Dead Dogs Found in Tubs Behind Arkansas Home

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Police are investigating after more than 500 twenty-gallon storage totes stuffed with dead dogs was found behind an Arkansas home. Another 43 living dogs were removed from the home.

Drew County Sheriff’s deputies visited the Monticello, Arkansas home after numerous complaints of dogs running loose and growling at children. When they arrived, they made an unbelievable discovery.

“The house had been turned over to the animals like a big human dog house it’s unlivable,” Sheriff Gober told Fox16.

Now, the Drew County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Health, and the State Department of Environmental Quality transported the totes to an undisclosed location where they’ll be investigation, cataloged, and appropriately disposed of. The live dogs that were removed from the home will be held in a shelter while the investigation is underway after which it will be determined if they are suitable for adoption.

Neighbor Heidi Hogue said she is glad someone is finally doing something. She says she’s lived next to the home for 20 years and dealt with the nuisance of at least 60 dogs at any time running loose around the property. She said her own Yorkie was killed by one of her neighbors dogs.

“Yes, but I mean it’s too late for my little dog who I had for nine years and was like a family member to me. He is dead and then you still got totes over there with dead dogs inside,” Hogue said.

“The house is going to have to be dealt with, those dogs were diseased. They had mange and all kinds of diseases. That ground is going to have to be dug up,” she continued.

Police said the dogs were well fed, but many were sick and in need of medical care.

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