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Ice Skating Dog Entertains Hockey Fans Retrieving Pucks, Sticks on the Ice

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Rescued from the shelter just days before euthanasia, a fun-loving dog now spends his days in the rink, entertaining hockey fans by retrieving pucks and hockey sticks from the ice.

Step aside, Wayne Gretsky! There’s a new “top dog” in town with some pretty fancy footwork – er, paw-work – on the ice!

Benny, a 5-year old Labrador, was rescued from a Las Vegas animal shelter just days before he was scheduled to be euthanized. His human mom, Cheryl Del Sangro, a former skate coach, noticed Benny loved to be on the ice. So, the family made him a set of custom ice skates so he could join in the family fun without freezing his paws.

Benny was an absolute natural and, though his ice skating career began as a way to have fun on the ice with his family, he now entertains hockey fans by retrieving pucks and sticks from the ice during University of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Knights matches.

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